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the CCA awards, nominating and catagories

I'm trying to come up with valid nominees for this years Cartoonist choice awards, but I'm tellin ya, it's hard!

Being a webtoonist myself, I don't get around to reading a whole lot of toons. I read a few, scan a few, occasionally hear about some, and time permitting, think about others. But there are too many to keep track of. So i'm asking my comic readers to suggest nominees for all catagories. I figure, they'll have ideas that i've never even heard of. as for some of the catagories this year, there is a nice variation of themes, but they got rid of the character catagories?!! no best supporting character anymore? I thought that was great! best villain, best cameo. those were all very clever and it's sad to see them go. but maybe they will pop up another year eh?

Lately I've only got time to read two webcomics. Work sucks.

The worst part is I've heard of most of the nominees, but read maybe one of them. Everytime I try to expand my scope in what I read, it seems to be at the expense of my current selections.

Of course, when a favorite ends, that means room for a new comic! YAY, disillusionment!

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It made me aware that I'm not reading enough, but it's getting the time...

It's a problem for sure, though I did get introduced to some nice stuff by the first awards. I'm mostly going to wait until the nominations are done and then I'll have a bit less to check out. (I am so frikkin behind... three more character portraits and a couple of sewing projects to finish in the next week and a half...

I think I got a lot of my nomination card filled out, fortunately.

Last year, I only knew about possibly 4 of the actual comics that made it after the nomination round.

I managed to fill most of the catagories but I reused a few comics a few times. I only had 2 new comics to add to the new comics list and I didn't even know what a few of the catagory comics were, for instance there is no defintion of what a long list and short list comic is.

I did manage to resist the temptation of nominating myself. . . barely. Be interesting to see if I get any other nominations but I doubt it.

I'm hoping Scarygoround gets something. 'cos it SHOULD! Dammit!