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Important Dates in Webcomic History?

We're working on compiling important dates in webcomic history - if you've got some suggestions post them here. Thanks!


magic inkwell date corrections...

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I started posting comics online at (my old university's server account) beginning in March 1996. Magic Inkwell (as a comic strip) first launched on's Mania Magazine site sometime in Spring of 1997 (alongside SNAP THE PUNK TURTLE and TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN and other strips) and continued there (and on my university server space) until i moved it to on May 14, 1999.

year of the rat


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It's been a couple years since this thread has been touched - anything we should add to it?


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

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Great suggestions - keep them coming!

Dates are really helpful - otherwise I have to go look them up myself :)

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I have never heard of "Contrite one" - can you give me the scoop on this (now dead) webcomic? What was the URL?

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2002-08-02 Megatokyo and IC entertainment announce Megatokyo graphic novel, vol. 1.

March 2003 Pvp nr1 released through Image

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March 7th 2001 - Initial planning begins for the Cartoonists' Choice Awards (later renamed Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards).
May 27th 2001 - The first nomination round begins for the CCA's
June 17th 2001 - Final voting round begins.
July 1st 2001 - The first winners are announced

Goats started April 1, 1997. Woo!

I can't remember exactly but I think it was in February that launched.

Re: Cool Cat Studio FOL award

Clint Hollingsworth wrote:
Gisele Legace wins a Friends of Lulu award at Comicon 2002.

...and immediately cancels her comic, dropping out of the comics scene entirely for almost two years

August 25, 1997-- SLUGGY FREELANCE begins.

November 17, 1997 -- USER FRIENDLY begins.

May 4, 1998 -- PVP begins.

November 18, 1998 -- PENNY ARCADE begins.

March 2000 -- Keenspot founded.

September 24, 1993: Dr. Fun ( goes online - the first Internet/Web Comic. It's followed shortly by Space Moose (no longer online) which was, at the time, a print comic for Univerisity of Alberta's newpaper and had been in circulation on local computer bulletin board systems for some time.

How about the date when Top Web Comics launched? Or, the announcement of the first Online webcomic turned paperback?

Another pioneer webcomic (now dead) :"Contrite one", xy February 1995.

An important date would be the one of the first (Frankenstudent?) webcomic which was blessed by syndication.

It was (and I know that cause I drew it) hosted on Geocities. Ran for 8 months or so, more or less 80 strips. I think that only a "back" button survives of that particular comic.

Imagine "migraine boy" with more characters, colour, and some kafkaesque detail here and there.

I can't give actual dates, but the start dates of Keenspace, Keenspot, Modern Tales, etc. would be noteworthy, as well as ubercomics like PVP.
hm, first webcomic crossover?

Also "Reinventing Comics" apparently came out July 25, 2000 (Amazon).

2001 -- Addition of "Outstanding Online Comic" to Ignatz categories (No recipient -- Expo Cancelled)

2002 -- Jason Little becomes first recipient of "Outstanding Online Comic" Ignatz.

2003 -- "Nowhere Girl" nominated for "Best New Series" Eisner -- first Eisner nod to a webcomic (I believe).

July 2003 -- Publication of "Toon Art" by Steven Withrow

I don't have dates for this, but mentioning the launches of Paypal and Bitpass may also be worthwhile -- thought Bitpass has yet to prove it's longterm importance. & Fairy Tales Experiments

I'd like to do a little

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I'd like to do a little correction regarding the date of the first -online- comic. Apparently, the first online appearance of a comic happened in April, 15, 1992, when the first strip of Where the Buffalo Roam by Hans Bjordahl, a strip formerly published on college newspapers, was post on an USENET forum created specifically for that purpose.

The original post is available on Google Groups, and some strips are still available on the Web:

Starting Wednesday, April 15 (something good had to happen on that day), XOR Network Engineering will start bringing you "Where the Buffalo Roam" on a daily basis. XOR Network Engineering is based in Boulder Colorado and interested in seeing the net used in "visionary" ways. If this proves to be a popular idea, XOR will try to get more strips available as soon as possible (within a week).

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February 23rd 2001 - Webcomic artist gets laid for the first time. Tells others what it was like. Becomes inspirational icon for all other webcomic artists.

launch of the dumbrella network....

launch of scott mccloud's website...

launch of derek kirk kim's site...

I know the dates of none of them. But somebody might.

If you're still collecting dates, these strips are probably long-running and notable enough for inclusion:
November 1, 1997: Newshounds begins online
November 2, 1998: General Protection Fault begins
January 1, 1998?: Ozy and Millie begins (Not certain that's the exact date, just first strip in archive.)

April 1, 1999 - First April Fool's Comic Swap.
October 31, 1999 - First Fright Night

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Tooting my own horn a little here, but The PC Weenies has been around since October 21st, 1998 - making it one of the other long-running webcomics out there.


Krishna M. Sadasivam Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

Zoinks! The Webcomic Newspaper Vol.1, No.1 shipped October 2001.

Re: Cool Cat Studio FOL award

gwalla wrote:

Clint Hollingsworth wrote:
Gisele Legace wins a Friends of Lulu award at Comicon 2002.

...and immediately cancels her comic, dropping out of the comics scene entirely for almost two years

She's BACK?!?! Where?!?!

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Well, according to the Wayback Machine, DrunkDuck started in 2001. August 2003 was the date for DrunkDuck's first webcomic anthology.

PvP being nominated for an Eisner may be another important date? Or even the Eisner having a webcomic category?


Some of those "ubercomics" and early popular comics whose first dates are important would likely include Sluggy, User Friendly, Goats, Kevin and Kell, and Penny Arcade.

The publishing dates of both of Scott McCloud's books may also be relevant.

March 2, 2002: Modern Tales launch


Don't forget Big Panda.

According to the archives, Kevin & Kell started 1995-09-03.

The first webcomic to be blessed by syndication was, I believe, "Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet" by Peter Zale.

- Chris Wright, "Help Desk"

magicinkwell first appeared online during the spring of '97 (i believe)

penny-arcade's child's play

3-5-02: Drew Weing begins "Journal Comic"
7-21-03: Drew ends "Journal Comic"
** Not the first Journal Comic, but influential to the whole genre

(sometime in 2002): american elf premieres online for first time

Cool Cat Studio FOL award

Gisele Legace wins a Friends of Lulu award at Comicon 2002.

As far as I know, one of the first comics on the web to make the transition to print and actually be acknowledged with a print award.

Melonpool begins on April 28, 1996, though The Melonpool Website had been up since 1994 with about 50 strips before going daily. One of the first -- if not the first -- to offer free e-mail subscriptions. has all kinds of comics dates, including many webcomics-related dates. Perhaps you can find something useful there (I'm posting as guest and can't see an easy way to post a link so I'll post it as text)

Thanks for the above dates by the way (the serious ones), I'll also add them to the Probeersel list later today.

Kind regards,

René van Densen

What about the date of the UK web and mini comix thing, the first convention for webcomics, as far as i know (as opposed to webcomics hijacking a convention for normal comics)