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gay webcomics?

I was at the Gay Pride Parade in Manhattan on Sunday, and somewhere between the Venezuelan drag queens and the Log Cabin Republicans, I got to thinking: where are the gay webcomics? I read about a dozen strips regularly, and aside from Young Bottoms in Love (currently on hiatus, at none of them have gay characters.

So when I got home, I plugged “gay webcomics” into a search engine. And lo, a huge list appeared! But the first four I visited were uniformly horrible. Bad writing, bad art, poor web design… just bad.

So I’m looking for some guidance – what’s good and gay? Is there a gay spy comic out there? Are there gay people doing journal comics? (aside from me, that is
What do you recommend?


Re: gay webcomics?

Heard Is a great lesbia web comic with a couple of gay boy characters.


Re: gay webcomics?

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 I have one -- Finn and Charlie are Hitched (

And personally I like Abel Boddy (, Capitol Hillbillies (, and Top to Bottom (

Re: gay webcomics?


i just skimmed the recs, but i didn't see khaos or some of my other faves on there...

hope you like these!


Re: gay webcomics?

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Don't miss out on Britain's Queen of Diamonds, an openly gay superhero. Good writing, solid plot development, and a fun sense of humor. Long live the Queen.

Re: gay webcomics?

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Hi there!!


I do a gay-oriented webcomics called Incubus Tales. You can access it here:

I'm trying very hard to promote my work, but unfortunately it's a real challenge trying to maintain as many websites and as much work as I do. Still, every little bit helps! I'd love if you dropped me an email if you decided to have a peek and liked my work.

Incubus Tales is meant to be lighthearted and fun, more comedy than drama, and a minimum of angst...something that always worms its way unpleasantly into most gay-oriented anything.

Enjoy! :)


Re: gay webcomics?

If you haven't read Friendly Hostility,

or Boy Meets Boy,

I would reccomend both.

Re: gay webcomics?

I agree the art is great (exspecaly in friendly hostility) but i would recomend reading boy meets boy first scince it gives you a major insight about how colin and fox got to be in a relationship... Though bolth are rather long running. boy meets boy updated dayly while it was running it started in 2000ish and ended 2004 so theres 1000ish strips. Friendly Hostility is at about 500 some pages now.

Re: gay webcomics?

Check out Khaos Komix, it has mainly gay and lesbian characters, looks nice and is good. I recommend.

Re: gay webcomics?

I'm starting a gay webcomic, you can check out the development of it at

Re: gay webcomics?

Check out when you get a chance. It's a brand new site now, but you can see it has the potential to be a great new gay webcomic!

Re: gay webcomics?

Queeroes is a full grown site now with a variety of stories! Check it out!

Re: gay webcomics?

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A lot of webcomics don't like to go there because either (1) they'll be looked at as token or (2) they might overdo it and offend someone.

Not sure why... people overdo a lot of stereotypes and sure you get a few offended most are okay. Look at Will & Grace, Jack is definately an outrageous character yet... it works and some gay men are like that, so...

Re: gay webcomics?

Chris and my comic, has a main character who is gay. It's been interesting to watch the readers slowly realize that, yes, he's actually a gay character and not (exclusively) a cheap source of humor.

Re: gay webcomics?

Here's my gay webcomic...

FANCY is a series of man-on-man erotic fantasy comics - barbarians, princes, wizards and woodsmen who find love and lust in sensual, enchanted landscapes. The first story currently being serialized from FANCY is "Hospitality", a tale of a wandering barbarian swordsman who finds shelter, comfort, tenderness and hot, hard sex in the arms of a burly village blacksmith.

Re: gay webcomics?

There are some pretty damn good ones on One that has gotten their own site, , Honeydew Syndrome has an exceptional art style~

Re: gay webcomics?

Pastel Defender Heliotrope, the Unicorn Jelly sequel, is centered around two lesbian characters.


Re: gay webcomics?

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YU+ME is a gazillion kinds of awesome.

One of the two main couples in Abandon is composed of two human females.


Greg Carter Abandon UpDown Studio The WebComic Hotness

Greg Carter - Abandon: First Vampire - Online Graphic Novel

Re: gay webcomics?

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Gun Street Girl's main character, Liz Pendragon, is a lesbian.


It's been running for over 5 years now.




Re: gay webcomics? is another good one, by the creator of Boy Meets Boy - ongoing and more plotty than its predecessor.

Re: gay webcomics?

Our web comic ( features several bisexual characters, a drag queen, and a younger character who will be questioning her orientation in a coming story arc - all based loosely on the actual experiences of our queer friends.

Get just the kind of hellfire and brimstone you need for the 21st Century - visit the <a href="http://ww">Black Vatican</a>. Updating twice a week.

Those dropdowns can be terrible.... but no recommendations here, sorry.

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Just to be hipper, I've bussed some gays into Monkey Law starting here. TCampbell's "tokenism" comment hits pretty close to home, we've had one bisexual in the comic from the beginning...

Keenspot's "Boy Meets Boy" is pretty focusedly gay.

Also, an old-school webcomic about a guy who becomes a gay werewolf during full moons ( Buster Wilde, Weerwolf - ) is archives, but still around.

And Psychic Dyslexia Institute ( ) is by, and features, gay people.

I've been told my comic is pretty gay. But I don't think that's what you meant.

Comics are gay!

Well, there's a comic about a gay couple, one of my faves, at: Venus Envy ( is a comic about a M2F transgendered person trying to deal with it all. And my comic contains some bisexual people as main characters. (And one mystery, closeted gay guy as a character too!) That's at

Other than that, I can't think of any offhand. There is a LGBT-Friendly Keenspace listing though, I don't remember where to get it. (It's called a "dropdown.")

Oh, and I really have found your comic hysterical. It's really great.


EDIT to add a mention of Misery Mirror's "Black Flowers," an upcoming yaoi (male/male manga) comic. Keep a look out for it!

Guth and Meighan from my FANS are gay, and FANS's Alisin and Rip & Teri's Teri and Tatyana are bi. But I really can't say I've done a well-rounded portrayal of homosexuality yet-- two lesbian seduction scenes, each of which ended in misery for all parties involved, and a case of closet heterosexuality. I don't spend a lot of time trying to be PC, but now I want to show a gay relationship working, just to prove to myself that I can.

Boy Meets Boy is the most obvious answer I can think of. There are gay characters in many other webcomics, but even in the good ones it usually feels like tokenism.

I can't believe I missed "Felicity."

Thanks, Seth!
I thought Venus Envy was very cool. And there's about 200 boy/boy-themed comics at Keenspace, but wading through them was just painful, which is why I asked for recommendations.

Anyone else?


found some gay webcomics!

Well, my explorations into the gay webcomics realm turned into a story for two gay newspapers, the Washington Blade and the New York Blade.

You can read the story at

All the comics listed at the end of the story are pretty good, and they're not preachy I AM GAY COMICS stuff.

Hope you like it.

Read the Amazing Adventures of Bill:

These guys have been advertising for a long time on the Comic Journal board and are probably a good source of info:

ACID KEG: Weekly weird webcomics


Anonymous wrote: I don't

[quote="Anonymous"]I don't see the need for making a comic about gay people because they're gay. I think it's much better to have a comic that just has gay people, it doesn't focus on the fact they're gay.[/quote]


I'm reminded of this one time, when I was working at the lesbian shipping and printing company (no, they didn't ship and print lesbians), and this one person came in right before Pride to generate a couple hundred copies of their ziney-minicomicky-thing:


And I'm like, okay, maybe I'm missing something here, but if you have to put the descriptors on the cover for people to possibly pick up on them, maybe they're *not*. Sure enough, they weren't. They were trying too hard to go all, "HI I AM GAY AND THIS IS GAY HUMOUR ABOUT BEING GAY GAY GAYGAYGAY" and I got the *exact* same vibe as came from those Archie comics where Reggie and Big Ethel were devout Christians and too busy evangelizing to have any of their original character.

Jake the Rake gave me that vibe as well, I'm afraid, except with polyamorous bisexuals, but some people like it.

I know of a few. The one that I've stumbled upon with the best art is most definitely Cold Productions

There's also Arcana, a vampire comic. I'll warn you now that the art isn't good in the beginning, the lines are drawn too soft and there's little detail. If you read far enough pages start showing up in color, which improve things.
To tell the truth, the art still isn't amazing even then, but something about the comic is strangely addictive. It might have something to do with the storyline.

Hmmm, let's see. There's one more...
Kagerou has a gay character named Heyoka featured here and there.

well, I dont know, I cant say I've never really gone out and tried to find gay comics...
although my comic contains straight characters, there does seem to be alot of gay jokes... even though it does seem like there's only afew character, there IS actually an old history to my characters...

A few that (I think) hasn't been mentioned yet

Schims (Like Faith says, like william Gibson's boy on boy stories)

Angels 2200 (Not purely gay, but when all the Y chromosomes have been erradicated from the face of galaxy...)

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuki

Also, maybe I see things from the (in this case) other side of the spectrum (I'm straight), but I don't think there's exactly LACKAGE of gay/bi characters in webcomics. At least, not male homosexuals. A lot of girl webmangakas (or manga webcomicers, or whatever you want to call it)goesthe yaoi way. In fact, I think it's more a problem of public critic, aside from rednecks, if a girl does "hot boy on boy action" people will say, "great she's open-minded", while a guy doing "hot girl on girl action" (some extremely usual in heteromale erotica, anyway), he is usually seen as some sort of "male chauvinist pig whose litle balls should be cut off because being lesbian doesn't have a thing to do with high heels and so and so". Keep in mind that I'm not talking about something like Strangers in Paradise, but, as Sinfest's Slick would say "Hot, wild, steamy stuff"

Just my 0.2€

I forgot to say that SGVY is not exactly a "gay comic", but with his main character being transformed into a magical... GIRL (valkyrie), and his (her) body being turned on by different things (regarding genre) than his/her mind, hilarity ensues

On gay comics : there are a lot which are on the web which aren't strictly webcomics (that is, their existence on the web is secondary to their primary existence at all). Some of these are :

Dykes to Watch Out For
The Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green
A Couple of Guys
Bitter Girl

All of the above can be found at

One which used to be online but no longer is due to a flapdoodle with Frontiers magazine is Leonard & Larry (which if anyone knows what Tim Barela, the artist/author, is doing these days project-wise and where to find it, I'd dearly love to know).

For 'gay webcomics' specifically, I can point you at Basil Troutman's 'Felicity', which is really quite tongue-in-cheek, so I don't know if you'd count it (though the main character is most certainly a lesbian); at Jenn Dolari's 'Closetspace', which involves one transvestite/possible transexual, and another character with a secret which I -suspect- is lesbianism but which hasn't yet been determined; at Angels 2200, where men have almost all been killed off by a genetically engineered virus, which leaves the remaining population either of women or pre-pubescent boys; the Sinner Dragon, a very pretty fantasy comic by an Italian artist/author, which has gay and bi characters; and the Pantheon, which has lots of queer activity and queer-friendly activity.

I'm sure there's others which I'm not thinking of at the moment, but this should give folks a fair amount from which to work.

And, looking at this post, I may want to cut back on my comic reading.

Last I heard from my brother (the artist), we're going to have lesbian robot strippers once our protagonists get to Venus, around episode 8.

What a lesbian robot stripper looks like, I don't know. :D

I don't see the need for making a comic about gay people because they're gay. I think it's much better to have a comic that just has gay people, it doesn't focus on the fact they're gay.

El Goonish Shive has one openly gay person, with a couple who MIGHT be gay.

I'm pretty sure the main characters in Reasons Why We Rule are gay too, but it's never been explicitly said :)

Sodomight is about a gay super hero. It's sloooooow to update though.

And here is a gay online comics directory.

the pantheon (

Another good webcomic with homosexual characters and themes

Your Wings Are Mine--

A good read, especially for shoujo and bishonen ai manga fans.

Spleener wrote:

El Goonish Shive has one openly gay person, with a couple who MIGHT be gay.
Actually, EGS has one openly gay person, one person who recently discovered that she is gay, and one bisexual person.

That's what happens with thread necromancy :P (yes, still the same guest ;))

How about The 50's style isn't for everyone, but I love it.

Straight Ahead ( is actually surprizingly good; the protagonist has an overactive imagination and a serious problem: he really IS gay.

Umlaut House (which, sadly, I draw) is -okay- these days, but I'm the first to admit that the first, oh, forty strips or so were nightmarishly bad.

And the Suburban Jungle has a number of openly gay characters, each of which have a delightful array of foibles and personality oddities without being the least bit derrogatory.


Alistair Katt just came out in Thomas Dye's Newshounds. Dave Kelly's Lizard has a gay dog and a bisexual rabbit.