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Zombie, Uh, Undead Americans

That Ed Grug one was really funny! Nicely done.

Zombie, Uh, Undead Americans

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That Ed Grug one was really funny! Nicely done.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

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Great punch-line, and our only entry from down-under - as far as I know (Matt can be the fact checker).

I was also pretty impressed with how closley Jesse was able to match Dorothy's original graphic. Well done :)

Hey, what say we get four times as many entrants next year, and give away t-shirts. I want that nifty hand logo on a t-shirt ;)

This one is definately my favorite so far. hehe, undead american...

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That was me.

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I busted it out pretty fast, I didn't get the panel until the tuesday night before it was due, but I'm deffinately happy with it!

Were there any strater panels that only got one enterant?

Very good. Zombies are ALWAYS great.

Yes... the Jon Rosenberg one, which is bizarre. All the starter panels were extremely high in quality, and Jon's was no exception... and his opening was very open-ended, so I don't think it was too hard to work from (Roger L., Boxjam and Dorothy's panels were much more confining, and they all got multiple entries). And Goats has arguably the biggest fan base of any strip by the panel creators. So I have utterly no idea why Jon only got one submission, except plain ole bad luck.

That's a shame, That would have been a great starter panel!