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Spiders in Webcomics

It just hit me that not only are spiders showing up in my FANS strip, they're also playing starring roles in CLAN OF THE CATS, SKRITCH and WAPSI SQUARE. All this month.

I just find that very strange. I'm not sure what it means. Can people think of any other examples?

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Spiders are fun to draw?

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

I'm hoping to start a trend of spanking in an upcoming series of mine.

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Oddly enough, the role of Man-Man has been played by Ralph Fiennes for the past three weeks.

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We're all awaiting the glimpse of Shelob in the RETURN OF THE KING movie. So we're in the mood...---Al

 Al Schroeder III of MINDMISTRESS---think the superhero genre is mined out? Think there are no new superhero ideas? Think again.

Maybe there's a pandemic of icky spider? I'm still cowering in the corners of my pitiful apartment, spraying Raid and begging my partner to come home, and it's December.

maybe there's just a spider on you computer screen :P

You have to understand that, during the holiday season, there is an abrupt increase in ham consumption, putting more pigs on the chopping block than ever.

This increase heavily influnces the famous arachnid-porcine ratio in the mutualistic "Radiant Pig" relationship, and many spiders are left without jobs during this time of year, willing to do anything for work.