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Apples to ... absolutley nothing

Is there anywhere for me to easily guage my readership? I know what I am getting (as long as my trends site is working) but I don't know how this compares to other sites. Even a basic scale of some sort... so many a day/week/month is average, so on and so forth.

Any suggestions?

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Hey, don't misunderstand me, I wasn't complaining. I am smiling, very much so. This doesn't mean I don't want to see how I compare to other sites that are out there.

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Ok, I can give you an estimate on visitors which I believe has been around 1,400 for last month, 750 for last week and 95-100 per day since. Page views however, I'm not sure about. My tracking site has been giving me problems the past week. Which has kept me from being able to check last night and this morning.

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Tracking site is back up so here is the page view info:
Last month: 4,382 / Last week: 1,147 / This week: 781

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That gives me at least a basis to compare to. Thanks everyone for your imput and help.

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Well, many people use Alexa for comparisons, but that's a little inaccurate since it only counts sites that are found using the Alexa toolbar. However, it does let you pull up comparison graphs to other sites. For sanity's sake, I wouldn't suggest comparing your numbers to Sluggy, PA, or any of the other majors. :)

I wouldn't see a way to do it that wouldn't involve going to individual websites, looking for their site checker (if they have one) and making a god-awful long list.

Personally, I average somewhere between 150 and 350 people a day but that's for the entire site, not just the webcomic. It's not great but that's not why I do it.

Dude, there's about eighty bajillion websites out there. You get readers? Smile all day long. Most sites don't get any.

Grinning Dog: tell us how many visitors and pageviews you get, and I'll tell you how you fare compared to some other webcomics.

Well, judging by those stats, I'd have to say that you average about 100-125 pageviews a day, and about 100-125 visitors a day, too.

This is a little screwy as a result, 'cause it means that unique visitors only look at one page per visit, or that the visitors counter doesn't distinguish between visitors (it counts each visit as "1", rather than dis-count return visits by the same person/IP).

To compare your readership to others, here's a general guide:

*Sinfest has been reported to average about 40-60,000 visitors a day, which means it prolly gets about 150-200k pageviews daily.

*Your average Keenspot comic is reported to average any where between 2000-7000 visitors per day, which would mean about 6-60k pageviews daily.

*Your average Modern Tales comic is reported to be getting around the same types of results, though perhaps a little less.

*Your average Keenspace comic gets anywhere between 50 to 250 visitors a day, which translates to about 200 to 1250 pageviews a day.

Now when I say average, I MEAN average -- this means that there are some comics from each of these groups that hit much higher (Sinfest), and some that hit way lower. In the case of Keenspace, a lot of comics there probaby get lower than that average

I know that I'm just giving you a basic model of comparison, but does this help give you a beter idea?