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First Time Convention Guest.

Well gang, I'm back from I-Con 23. Here is my account of what it was like to be a convention guest. For those of you who have not been guests at a convention before I can say that I highly reccomend the experience. It was absolutely fantastic. I had a grand time and everyone was really great. Also, J.D. Illiad Frazer is definitely one of the coolest people you're ever likely to meet. The guy just rocks.

Well, now if you can pull a Shatner and get several thousand dollars a pop, you can ignore this comic biznez all together

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Yeah, but then I'll have to start hawking high-fibre bran cerials on television and I don't think I could do that.

Well, congratulations, Ghastly. I bet it must've been a lot of fun.

Have some of my jealousy ;)

Congrats Ghastly! How many

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Congrats Ghastly! How many boobies did you sign??

We Need A List of Webcomic Guest Riders

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You know like...

  • Tycho demands jolt cola and only red m&Ms
  • R. Stevens demands extra cushiony tp
  • Jon Rosenberg demands only Dead Spider Beer  (alright I'm too lazy to go OhNoRobot the name of that obscure beer storyline)
  • cat garza demands - well I don't want to get cat in trouble with the law! 


That sort of thing :) 



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