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Drunkduck, a mirror

I have noticed that a lot of people use drunkduck as a mirror to their comic. Does anyone know what the Drunkduck crew think of this?
It appears that many create a mirror to get the benefits of the DD community, but still keeps another, main, site for the comic as well, possibly because of the larger freedom in designing the site.
I have myself considered creating a mirror of my comic or move it entirely to DD, but since it is only a few pages at present it is not something I've desided to do yet at least.

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I like the idea of using it to bring in readers who wouldn't normally find your site, but their uploading service really prevents me from putting anything good up. I've got over 700 strips on my site. I'm not doing each one of those individually for a mirror. I'll probably post a new one often enough to keep it from getting deleted, but the main site is where all the magical stuff goes down.

- Ben

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I've thought about doing that, but the Drunkduck format doesn't work with my admittedly different page layout. (I do each panel as a seperate image, and let html create the "gutter".) Good service, just not right for me.---Al

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Wow, you can use it as a mirror? This could be a great way to solve some of my woes with some people not getting to my site because my current host is retarded or whatever.

Drunkduck as a mirror. That's funny. Because there are some DD folks using keen as a mirror. LOL.


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There's no problem with it... some of the guys involved with DD suggested I put up a mirror there (though I wound up putting up a spinoff instead).

Sure. It just means that you're updating your comic at 2 sites instead of one.

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Mirror? I will create no mirror. If I cannot see my comic then NOBODY can!


Well... Both have their highs and lows, I guess. Still, Drunk Duck does not seem to work properly on my browser, it keeps cutting the strips in the middle.

As for keeping mirrors... According to the KeenSpace TOS, you agree with giving Keen a non-exclusive right to publish your work. That means it's okay to keep mirrors, or even move to Modern Tales and still keep your old site, like some artists on Graphic Smash do.

I didn't look at the DD TOS, but I believe they work on the same principle.

And having the DD mirror actually helps you grow as a webcomic. My comic benefitted a lot from it. Sadly, I'll be leaving it very soon, in order to move to Keenspot, but I'll always have great things to say about the people there.
I keep another comic there that's entirely DD, though.

I like Drunk Duck's ease of use much better than Keenspace, so I use Keenspace as a mirror, and Drunk Duck as my main website. They're a really good provider. I highly recommend them.


DD is a nice little site. But, its got problems just like keenspace.

It's a good thing really. I find this Keenspace/DD rift silly.

We're all webcomickers. We shouldn't let silly things like different hosts make us act like jerks towards each other.

For the record, I did consider joining DD at one time. There were a few things that really did impress me about it.

-Phalanx (who's too lazy to log in)

Drunkduck actually welcomes webcomic artists to use DD as their mirror site. Lots of comics do it on DD and the admins know about this so no worries. :)

- Black Kitty

Yeah, accounts are free, and even if they weren't allowed, I'm too lazy to check and see if they're setting up a mirror or not anyway.

As for a Keenspace/Drunk Duck rift, I've never had a problem, and I don't think Keenspace minds. I think that's a personal choice on fans of either service.

The best thing about a mirror is that if one is down, the other isn't, which makes it possible for people to almost always be able to view your comic. Every once in a while, I think of setting up GoA on Keenspace or Nightgig, but then I get lazy (I warned you about that already!).

- Chuck Rowles, VP of DD