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Survival guide for webcomickers needed!

Inspired by Iain Hamp's new article.

I already commented on his article, but I need to repeat myself here to gain more opinions:

How are we going to support ourselves & our webcomics? Take part-time jobs? Drive cabs around town? How about food? What food should we eat that are at once cheap and at the same time fits in the food pyramids? Fast food? Instant noodles? Burritos from 7-11? How about rents for apartments, or do we have to stay at our parents' house?

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Kraft Dinner.

It's what got me through college.

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If I moved in with either one of my parents it would only be a matter of two weeks before the homocide squad was called in.

You're better off to either marry rich, or move to a third world country where the cost of living is "only pennies a day".

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It's choleriffic!

... Trying to live off a webcomic is like trying to sell pages of your sketchbook on a street corner. I wouldn't worry about trying to work your rent and groceries around what money you can put into your webcomic. That seems a little cart before the horse. Get the fans THEN live off them.

Besides, is anyone really willing to move back in with there parents just so they can put up an online comic? It hardly seems worth it... unless of course you mother can make chocolate chip cookies like mine. :D

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day you too can live in Ethiopia, drink unclean water, be educated by white missionaries and keep your online comic updated regularly



ummm..... diptherialicious?

....I'm spent

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It this for webcomics creator who go enough money to live on form webcomic alone? I wonder why people don't reply to this usful thread.

As for me, I'm much closer to retirement age than any other webcartoonist I know of (excepting some who were syndicated newspaper cartoonists first and still are - do they count as webcartoonists?) and I have no intention of quitting my day job till my retirement benefits will support us for the rest of our lives. I wouldn't mind if this thing that I was going to do with my life anyway were to become unexpectedly and overwhelmingly lucrative, but hell if I'm going to count on it at this stage of the game.

Paul Gadzikowski, New cartoons daily.

Back to topic, Simon Nillas!

Well, I got the impression that Hamp was a pro artist who was doing his sketching DURING his day job, but that's just what I pulled from the article...

Personally, I don't KNOW how to live just doing the comic. I'm supporting the guy who's doing the ART on Cheshire Grin, but I'm working a tech job to cover rent (mine AND his) and still funneling money into the comic. However, the fact still remains that if you want to work on the comic ALOT and you can't find a way to make that pay, you have to make some choices. Eat very little, and make what you do eat cheap. Get some kinda of part-time job that requires you to BE somewhere, but not necessarily DOING something (quiet retail, security work, stuff like that). However, I think the biggest bit of Hamps article was that even WORKING your 9-5, you've got more time to use than you probably think you do.

It this for webcomics creator who go enough money to live on form webcomic alone? I wonder why people don't reply to this usful thread.