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Exact date of your webcomic launch?

If you know it, please post the exact date your comic started (and the date it ended if it has). Also, include the name of the comic plus a URL for it.

And if you know of the start (and end) date of someone else's comic who doesn't hang out here, by all means provide it.


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I feel like I'm spamming, but if you really want to know, this abomination unto the lord began May 19, 2006.

The Hellbënders broke out

The Hellbënders broke out into the internet on December 7, 2005. That's not a very auspicious day for us in the States.

A Murder Of Crows

Start: January 15th, 2006
End: ----

Name: A Murder Of Crows

well I KINDA consider the

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well I KINDA consider the relaunch or Halley's Comic to be a whole new comic... sort of... it's debatable... But anyway... IT started...

The Comic: Halley's Comic

The Creator: Ty Halley

The Date: April 7, 2006

But I got the date for the First 50 as well (after much searching)
It is...

The Comic: Halley's Comic [First50]

The Creator: Ty Halley

The Date: August 29, 2005

So yeah... dat's it. =P


Halley'c Comic

Wandering Ones launched on

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Wandering Ones launched on April 8, 2000. It was one of two brand new comics created for Keenspot. (The other being Everything Jake)

Clint Hollingsworth

The Wandering Ones Webcomic


Juathuur launched officially on March 27, 2005.

8 1/2 by eleven

I posted my first comic on Monday, August 09, 2004. Exactly 602 days ago

Deer Me

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Deer Me's first strip is dated November 21, 2003. The comic strip is still running with Friday updates.

maybe i can't remember because i'm getting old...

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can't remember the exact date, but the first incarnation of a website for me was the end of the spring semester 1996. i started doing comics for mania magazine ( sometime in 1997. moved everything over to sometime in 98-99.

damn, i feel old.

year of the rat


I launched Myariland ( on 12 February 2006, but I drew a bit of it for my friends last year, so I included those in the archives. It's my first attempt at a webcomic, and it's turning out to be a great stress-reliever. I love it!

Newshounds started on the

Newshounds started on the web on November 1, 1997. The spinoff comic Manifestations ran from February 28, 2003 to March 4, 2006.

I can't remember if I did this already

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Sinister Bedfellows officially launched on KeenSpace August 13th, 2004. A few strips had previously appeared on my blog.

"There is a cryptic ingredient in many of our modern improvements - We are awed and pleased without knowing quite what we are enjoying" - E. B. White 1939

"There is a cryptic ingredient in many of our modern improvements - We are awed and pleased without knowing quite what we are enjoying" - E. B. White 1939

A couple, then.

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Team Special Olympics launched on 25th January, 2005.

byrobot dot netstarted on 26th February, 2006.

Byrobot Dot Net


kicked into life 17th January this year.

My first effort at this web comic lark
Permanent Temp
ran between March 2003 and October 2004.
However, it's been resurrected as part of my WCN Bitter-Enders site.

Tao of Geek

First comic was June 10, 2002.

Available at

The Sordid Affairs found

The Sordid Affairs found life on November 9, 2005.

Here's to stayin' strong!


Hockey Zombie started life

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Hockey Zombie started life as "Car vs. Motorcycle" on March 17, 2005. It continues to this day and can be found at

Combustible Orange, baby!

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Combustible Orange launched on January 22nd 2003 and is still going strong.

You should all be reading it.

  • <a xhref="">Combustible Orange</a> is the best webcomic in history.

FANS went online January 3,

FANS went online January 3, 2000, although it was published offline on March 17, 1999 and the first pages were drawn December 22, 1997. I consider March 17 my "comics birthday."

PENNY AND AGGIE launched about May 17, 2004.

RIP AND TERI sometime 2002, SEARCH ENGINE FUNNIES sometime 2005.

My turn

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TRU-Life Adventures, at (oddly enough) started March 12, 2001. Five years!

TRU-Life Adventures:

The Vortex Chronicles | the Tarsus Manifesto

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My first page went live on Jan 20, 2006. Not that long ago, though I feel myself in a nice rhythm now. Check it out, I hope you like it.

- Chris C
Dark Sci FI WebComic
new episodes every monday

Dark Sci FI

- Chris C


Dark Sci FI WebComic
new episodes every monday

Monkey Law

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Monkey Law began on January 1, 2002.

After sputtering and coughing for a while, it died out and was gloriously reborn on December 11, 2004.

da Weenies

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October 21st, 1998 - still going...

Krishna M. Sadasivam
Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

Krishna M. Sadasivam Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

My comics!

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Alice Otter was born in July, 15, 2001. And my new project hasn't been released yet, but I think I'll also release it in July 15 of this year.

Time will tell.

Help Desk started on March

Help Desk started on March 31, 1996

Striptease started Sept.

Striptease started Sept. 30th, 2000

Striptease- sex, love, betrayal, comic books. A webcomic by Chris Daily.

Striptease- sex, love, betrayal, comic books. A webcomic by Chris Daily.

Fragile Gravity began

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Fragile Gravity began November 9, 2002 and trudges on to this day. :)

start date...

I started my comic Ban the Basics! on April 18, 2001...

Unreal City

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Unreal City ( started on March 5, 2006.

The beginning?

Requiem went live on June 17, 2004.

It's offshoot Tunnelrunners started on March 27, 2005

The first comic for Local

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The first comic for Local Heroes was posted at 3:31pm CT on May 2, 2005. (

Local Heroes ( Super-powered all-ages fun | Playtime Projects ( A dysfunctional children's show (strong language)


If a webcomic is online and nobody reads it, does it exist?

BoxJam's Doodle
began on April 22, 1999. I think I got my first reader about January 2001.

Soap on a Rope began May 3, 1997.


Leftville Comics started 10/17/06 and is stll running strong. Haven't missed and update yet (even though a few were guest comics).

Launch dates

Well, they each had a previous life on another site (now closed down) and they were all launched there during 2005. But - in their current incarnation at Broken Voice Comics - they were launched:

Shades on 17 Feb 2006
The Spires on 20 Feb 2006
Perfect Storm on 24 Feb 2006

Just for interest ... why are you asking?

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids


Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids


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The Epilogue ran from December 9, 2004 to January 3, 2006.

Synchronism started on January 4, 2006 and is still going.


Picture Story Theatre & Panel One

Picture Story Theatre launched on May 31, 2004.
Panel One launched on December 12, 2005.

Both are still going. & Fairy Tales Experiments

Rob and Elliot July 5th 2004

Rob and Elliot July 5th 2004 - today!
Ghostcat August 28th 2002 - Feb 18th 2004
Action Daxton Aug 28th 2000 - May 2002

Cosmobear 20XX-20??


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Nekko and Joruba

start date: 7/23/2003


<a href=""><img src=""></a>

A Mad Tea-Party

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At some point in the last two years my computer's clock went temporarily wonky. The Flash file my first update for A Mad Tea-Party was embedded in claims to have been created the first week of May 1970. Most likely it was actually created and posted online the first week of May 2004. Nobody cares what dates my other comics were first posted online, I'm sure.

Jonathon Dalton
A Mad Tea-Party

Jonathon Dalton
A Mad Tea-Party

Skinny Panda

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Tumber Park ran from March 12, 1997 aaaall the way to May 7, 1997. At the time, the Yahoo directory for webcomics was about a page-and-a-half long. I kept submitting the strip for inclusion but they never did it.

Skinny Panda launched on October 14, 1999. It's pretty much been dying ever since.

I'm usually a very hard sell

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I'm usually a very hard sell on newspaper-type strips (I'm narrow-minded), but I gotta say Skinny Panda is awesome. Bookmarked.

Fabricari - Sexy Robots and Violent Cyberpunk Comics

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

Yes, skinny panda is great.

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I completely forgot about it for a while. Thanks for reminding me, thread!

Byrobot Dot Net


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Fabricari first saw print September, 1998. was first launched Feb 21, 2001 (Before that it was hosted on, with all the pages from the print comic posted online.

Fabricari the new webcomic (all new story) started: May 4, 2005

Fabricari - Sexy Robots and Violent Cyberpunk Comics

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison


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Multiplex ( started as an irregular back-up feature for my Stripped Books comic on July 10, 2005, but soon switched to a weekly schedule and has since spun off onto its own site.

Multiplex is a twice weekly humor comic about the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas and the movies that play there.

On the Rocks

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July 4th, 2005 On the Rocks
October 2nd, 2000 - MIA July 2001? PB Galaxy

CRFH was launched on January

CRFH was launched on January 1st, 1999.


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Clan of the Cats ( began on June 20th, 1999. Five days after my 35th birthday.

Alice by Michael McKay-Fleming ( began on June 25th, 1999.

Elf Life by Carson Fire ( began online on June 14th, 1999.


Take care,


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Does make you feel old, doesn't it?

My comic started Febuary of 2000, the same weekend that Charles Shultz retired and died. Unfortunately, when I switched over to Keenspace, I made up new dates for my archives and lost the exact original days.

On a side tangent, has anyone else been feeling the growth of a "generational" feel to Webcomic artists? There are the original Old Timers, the ones that were around for the 'Panda fiasco (several becoming the original Keenspotters), then there are those of us that were around for the start of Keenspace (like alot of us newer Keenspotters). Now there are a lot more "youngsters" that are seeing the birth of KeenAllStars, Comixpedia, Drunk Duck, Webcomicnation, and all the other new communities and tools that are out there.

Also, it seems to me that alot of communites and webcomicing groups lean heavily toward fellow cartoonists "their own age".

At least it seems that way to me... Discuss!

Killroy and Tina started on November 5th, 2001, and has not ended as far as I know.

Dedos started November 20, still hasn't ended because I won't let the dream die... even if it's in a coma for a very long time.