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Your budget for your webcomic

What's your typical budget for your webcomic? Care to give us the breakdown until total? For example:

  • Webhosting service: $XXXX
  • Software: $XXXX
  • Others: $XXX

Hope you can share with the some of us who wants to set up their own webcomics at a low cost.

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Well, webspace is provided to me by Joey Manley, so most of my expenses for Saga of the Ram on Graphic Smash are based on art supplies. I'd say I purchase 100 dollars worth of pens, graphite, and paper every year, if not more.

Plus, you know, the sleep. I probably sacrafice 16 hours of that a week :P

Saga of the Ram

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Are burbon and hookers considered an operational expense?

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That depends actually on how you define "spending". I currently have an advertising partnership with Keen that splits my advertising revinues with them to cover bandwidth, but there's no set monthly cost to that since even if I don't sell an advertisement Keen gets to use unsold adspace to run their own ads. So I don't know that the half of the ad revinue that goes to Keen should count as an expense.

So let's assume the hosting counts as "free" then.

Cardstock costs me $8 Cnd for 150 sheets. Each sheet is used for one panel of the comic. That's... about 5 cents a sheet times 4. 20 cents for the cardstock to do each strip. Ink I now buy in bulk for $17 for 32 oz. I used to buy 2 oz. bottles for $7 until I saw the bulk india ink. A 2 oz bottle lasts me about 4 months maybe (because I use it for more than the comic). So matterial wise the expenses are very low. I do have to buy new nibs every now and then because I accidently damage one. My nip holder could use some replacing since it's coming apart. I do by a lot of art supplies which I use for things other than the production of my comic. Non photo blue mechanical pencil leads are probably the most expensive thing I've got. 6 leads is about $5 Cnd and I only get 2 months worth out of them.

My drawing table and portable drawing table I built myself out of scrap wood left over from home rennovations, but the rubber mat on top of them I had to buy and it cost about $20 per table. I don't know that it would count as an expense towards the comic though because I use it for so much more than just my comic.

I'd say all in all production costs in matterials are well under $5 a month.

Now do we count time? It takes me anywhere from 8 to 12 hours to do a complete strip. I'm not the fastest artist out there. How do I calculate what my time is worth?

As a musician I earn anywhere from $40 an hour to $400 dollars an hour depending on the project I'm working with. But as a skilled professional I've earned the ability to charge professional fees for my services in the music industry. I'm nowhere near being as skilled at drawing as I am at playing music and doing audio engineering so I doubt I could justify charging a professional's wages for my artwork. Plus there's the whole fact that this is something I'm doing for <i>me</i> in my <i>spare</i> time because it's an insane amount of fun to do.

It's like masturbation. Sure, there are some people who charge money to do it, but for most of us it's something we'd do wether we got paid for it or not.

So matterial wise the cost of my comic is pretty inconsiquential and art supplies tend to "pay for themselves" once you start selling merchandise or advertising.

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Webhosting: Technically free although I give 50% of all the advertising revinue I generate to Keenspace.

Software: Free. I use Painter Classic which came bundled with my Waco Tablet. The tablet cost me $100 though.

Advertising: I don't spend any money to advertise my comic. It's already pretty popular. I do generate revinue by selling advertising space on my webcomic.

Physical Art Materials:
Cardstock per month: 5 cents a sheet, 4 sheets per comic, roughly 4 comics per month. 80 cents.
Ink: Maybe 20 cents worth of ink per month.
Pencils: $2 worth of non-photo blue mechanical pencil leads per month.

Other Essentials: None that I can think of.

Looks like it costs me about $3 a month to produce my comic.

Like I said, the expenses involved in my comic would depend on wether you consider Keen's cut of my advertising revinue to be an expense or not. Since it's a cut of generated revinue I don't really see it as an expense. It's just part of my partnership with Keen.

Ghastly, my good man, how much did you spend for your webcomic?

Woo hoo! Bourbon and hookers!

I use Drunk Duck, so that's zero for hosting. I got hooked up with Photoshop, but I bought a new scanner. I also got a Wacom, which isn't really necesary.

If I color on the 'puter, that just leaves paper, lead, and ink for costs.

I also only have two readers though, so you get what you pay for.


Webhosting: $0; Keenspace takes care of this for me.
Software: $0; I'm a pirate! Rargh!
Other:$0.01 per page, $0.02 per pencil lead

So... I really incur only three cents worth of debt.
But then again, I don't make a red cent off White Hydra. Go figure.

Wow, and I thought this thread won't get any replies. Thanks for those who do.

I thought this hould be an educational thread for those who's starting up their own on a smsller budget.

Ghastly, thanks for your response. So what's your budget in total?

Actually, I'm hoping all of you might give a breakdown on how much you spend. I need professional advice on this. Maybe people like Xerexes can help.

First of all what's your starting budget like? And what about monthly budget onwards?

The breakdown goes like this:

Physical Art Materials (Pencils, pen, paper etc.)+
Other Essentials (Care to elaborate?)+

Hope you can response.