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Exploit in phpBB2 -- upgrade, upgrade, upgrade

This goes for anybody who is using phpBB2 to run a forum. You need to upgrade to the latest version: phpBB 2.011 -- NOW!!! There is a serious security flaw in earlier versions.

They have a patch file, as well as a full install you can download.

I'm not sure if the "patch" can be applied to a pn/phpBB hybrid like you've got going on here on Comixpedia, but there is a way to at least close the most important security hole in phpBB2 by changing one line of code.

Here's the info on how to plug the hole without using the actual patch:

Here's where to get the patch, if that'll work for your installation:


RE: Exploit in phpBB2 -- upgrade, upgrade, upgrade

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Similar issue in PNphpBB2, but as usual I always have trouble patching and upgrading the module for this forum. I had to go back into mySQL and redo some of the tables to make it work.

Which is all to explain why there are no longer borders on the posts right now - I'll get that fixed soon enough but I've had enough tinkering with it for today...

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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Maybe make a switch

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I got tired of constantly updating phpBB and switched to a lesser known board. (and therefore less attacked so far.)
Simple Machines Forum

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Woo! Don't Miss This Crap...

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Seriously, I will never stop talking about how much I hate phpBB....



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I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.