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Google ads

Am I the only one getting all the gastric bypass/coronary artery banner ads? I know us comic readers aren't the most physically active bunch in the world, but isn't that a bit much?

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They can tee off of the strangest words on your site - can't they? I haven't gotten much from them for Comixpedia lately. Is anyone else seeing any return on running Google Ads on their site?

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Does that actually help with Google Page Rank? Hadn't heard that.

I've been using Blog Ads for Comixpedia this year - the side bar ads. If you have a moderated read to high comic it might be worth checking out.

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One I remember was an article about a 2 year old boy who burned to death in an accident and the target ad banner over the article was for a grill with the text "BURN BABY BURN" in big flaming letters.

OK, I would qualify that as horrifying.

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I dropped the Google ads from my blog a while ago, because all they ever gave me ads for was blogging tools. They were completely useless. Though the best one was that article I had here on Comixpedia a while back -- the one titled "Redefining Convenience: Places to Read Comics Besides the Bathroom." All the Google ads that came up on that page were for toilet seats. & Fairy Tales Experiments

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I think computers are still to dumb to realize if an ad is relevant with the page contents or not. They are like, "uh-uh it says SUV I put SUV ads uh-uh" even if your page is about how unsafe and ugly SUVs are.

We're still far away from "really" intelligent computers. For good or for bad.

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Cheese me off that Google will sell ads to sites with adult content but they won't buy adspace on sites with adult content. It's particularily irksome when their adult content ads show up on non-adult content sites.

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On Fark sometimes news articles get posted not because of the content of the article but because the targeted ad software the online paper uses to match ads with article content really misses the mark.

One I remember was an article about a 2 year old boy who burned to death in an accident and the target ad banner over the article was for a grill with the text "BURN BABY BURN" in big flaming letters.

Not exactly in the best of taste but what does a computer know about subtleties like that?

No where near what it'd take to actually get a check XD (for the buzzBugle that is, I don't run google Ads on my comic site... for some reason... :|)


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I'm getting Google ads for Viagra and Off shore gambling. What's up with that?


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We used to get a load of religious ones, which was weird. Now we seem to get aprons and home decor, which doesn't make much sense either.
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Would it happen to be Fastclick? I've been running ads by them for a few years now. Payout in general is low in general for banner ads nowadays, but at least they pay like clockwork.

I get a lot of blog related ads, giclee artwork, and robot kits. Actually, it's all pretty relevant based on what is on the pages, but certainly not profitable by any stretch.

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Tried it, quit it. Was making $15/month or so and cluttering up my whole site. I can make a lot more than that with paid banners by the month.

Mine are all comic related.

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That's both disturbing and hilarious in a morbid way...

I've been planning to try out adsense, but haven't yet, so I don't really have the full picture here, but I know systems that make decisions on the bases of vague content, tend to have these problems.

>=== skip this if you don't like ranting ===<

We humans (or at least most of us, I hope) have the ability to put something into context, something which computers have the hardest time doing. For example, if I say: "the kid wasn't looking out and ran straight into the glass door. Such a silly boy", computers probably get's as far as, "the kid ran into the door", but it doesn't know what to do with, "such a silly boy" because the sentence doesn't refer directly to "the kid".

Then comes the problem with -how- you bring something. Computers don't understand sarcasm. "Yeah right, and then bob probably stole the bike!? ppffff." will probably be interpreted as: "bob stole the bike".

I assume adsense is based on google's search algorithms, which are pretty complicated. Google lists pages according to their relevance, which is calculated from a load of different factors, including the text on the page itsself. Google searches the text for keywords, such as "burn". Now if the site were to have the word "burn burn burn burn" just over and over again, google would think it's a fake. But an article about a burn victim would score much higher. Now "burn" doesn't have to be seen in the context of wounds, it could also be food. If you talk about thanksgiving dinner in your blog, there's a chance you'll get turkey ads.

With computers being unable to put things into context, you can imagine what kind of ads Dave Kelly's purple pussy would get.

>=== okay. You can start reading again ===<

Oh dear, I seem to be ranting. Sorry about that.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: google is doing its best, but it's not human. So mistakes like that are unavoidable.

I'm not using google ads for the cash but, to help my ratings with google itself. All someone has to do is type in "webcomic sanity" click on the second page and scroll down towards the bottom and they are mine all mine :twisted:

gah! i've been posting as a guest?!

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Since my last post, we dumped our google ads and ad serving network to go completely on our own and we've been really pleased with the results. The ads are not only relevant but paying a lot better. It was worth the experiment though, we ran the google ads for some time and they did okay, but were taking up valuable space that we were able to sell for more.

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dang it - that was me up there ^

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We've had mixed results on SW with the google ads - so far they seem relevant to comics and animation, but now and then they'll go blank and display free public service ads that don't pay. We got approached by the Ad Serving Network last month and are experimenting running their ads on SW. Its taking a lot of space and showing boring ads about refinancing homes, etc. etc. etc, I'm not sure we'll stick with it.....blahhhhh....

I agree with what someone said earlier - my experience in selling ad space directly is a LOT better than sharing it with an ad serving company

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One I remember was an article about a 2 year old boy who burned to death in an accident and the target ad banner over the article was for a grill with the text "BURN BABY BURN" in big flaming letters.
macclint wrote:
OK, I would qualify that as horrifying.
Yeah, yikes. I don't think targeted advertising, or really any advertising should be near such sensitive subjects. Media is pretty morbid I guess.

I got a buddy who has a successful e company and he was the one who told me about the ranking. I only get about 20 uniques a day and I have a google bot showing up like clockwork daily. I think I need a robot.txt file though to take full advantage of it. I've just been to lasy to research it though.

There is another ad place I've got written down somewhere, they want you to have 10,000 uniques at least. But, they are suppose to have a better payout than most. I can look that up the url if anyone is intrested. However I am far from that goal personally.

yah, i pay for my own hosting so the selling ad space directly deal works pretty well for me

Wow O__o - that's a great story about the "wrong kind" of relevant ads. That's the kind of risk you take i guess when you let automated ad serving on your site.

Since our comic takes place

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Since our comic takes place in Boston, we get a lot of Red Sox/Patriots ads. We do get a lot of comic-related ones, though.

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Ticked at Google

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(meh, nevermind, I will be generic about saying it)

I would just keep in mind that Google has stated to many that they feel perfectly comfortable banning you forever and keeping your earnings without telling you anything about why it's happened. Even if you bend over backwards to comply with their every demand, treat the ads like clicking them yourself will make your head explode, configure your page so that the staff can't even /see/ the ads, and never get a single warning about anything at all.


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If I find I'm getting ads that are totally irrelevant, I add some text to the bottom of my page in the same color as the background that is nothing but keywords I want Google Ads to grab when it generates ads. Far from fool proof but it helps if you're getting ads that are WAY off the mark.

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So I put Google Ads Back Into the Mix

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At Comixpedia.  What's been the more recent experience with Google ads on sites?  I notice we're getting a lot of comics and/or blogging tools ads right now. 


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