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Survey of Webcomics Created by Women

We're going to try a new thing next month - one of the articles will be a survey of webcomics in the theme of the issue. Next month we'll try and highlight briefly a bunch of webcomics by women that we think our worth checking out -

We'd love your suggestions to check out now before we write the article - just reply here with name and URL.

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Yes - we have an article planned that would be about - in fact I think it's already been assigned and someone is working on it.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

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Well there's also yours! You read it don't you :)

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

RE: Boys club, now co-ed

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There's everyone in Pants Press except Bill Mudron. Possibly also Bill Mudron.

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I'm a woman :D

Oddly enough, the only female-created webcomic I read regularly is one done by a friend of mine, The Interns ( )

In addition to those mentioned...

Gisele Lagace's Cool Cat Studio and her (ahem) co-creation Penny & Aggie.

Sara Turner's File 49 and co-creation The Replacements.

Ping Teo's The Jaded and assorted other projects. I'd go into more detail, but since she's on staff she can probably supply them all herself.

Monique MacNaughton's UNA Frontiers.

Barb Lien and Ryan Howe's Gun Street Girl.

Scott and Benita Story's Johnny Saturn.

There are also Timmeryn and Dani Atkinson, but they're latecomers to the strips they work on just now, so I don't know if you can call 'em "creators."

Yes, there IS a trend here. I'm happy they're with us.

Soul-D by Mary Bowman

RE: Boys club, now co-ed

Do they have to be fully created by women? Because I know a couple partnerships (including us) that have a female or two as part of the group.

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Has anyone said Okay Pants by Julie Keene? It's pretty wonderful.

You might want to trawl keenspace for suggestions.

Eh its late but still i think these ladies and they're work should be noted.

I will say both of them are highly softcore Yaoi with intresting stories.

Does Venus Envy count?

As If! by Amy Mebberson.
Candi by Starline Hodge.
Dex Lives by Bernadette Yarnot.
Grand Blue Door by Rebecca Veverka.
Inverloch by Sarah Ellerton.
Mariposa Revelation by Natalie Port.
Naomi Lewis: Demon Hunter by Cynthia Kinnard.
Oriyan by Celeste Smith and Jessica Hymas.
Tomodachi Forever by Victoria Ritter and Katrina Smith.
Tonja Steele by Joey Hetzel.

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Webcomics with women creators that I read currently: Several in The Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge; College Roommates from Hell!!!, Queen of Wands, Digger, Skirting Danger, Vigilante, Ho!. I'd also recommend As If! but I don't happen to have the URL handy because it's on hiatus.

Boys club, now co-ed

I think this is a wonderful idea. I feel that comics for too long has been a boys club with no girls alloud. Webcomics are bringing more female readers into the fold, yet the majority of creators I know are still male. I wonder if there is a way to compair the readership of webcomics vs. print comics male to female ratios to the male to female ratios of creators in both mediums.

Or maybe I am on crack.

harknell's picture is another comic to check out. While I run the technology for the site, Onezumi does all of the artwork, writing, and designs for the site. You can sometimes catch our banner ad running here on Comixpedia on the top.

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[quote:baf2c93eff="Anonymous"]Thanks for recommending “Everyone Drunk But Me”. I had never heard of that strip before (or Big Cheese Press). But it looks like awesome stuff.

The above post was made by me --and not a "plant" ;)

Also while i'm here again I realize I should plug "Smile" by Raina Telgemeier who was just nominated for an Eisner Award :D

Don;t forget to survey the sometimes-controversial but always excellent Its name alone should warrant a write-up in cmoixpedia!

ack, that's comixpedia

Check out Blood and the art of Baking. It's the story of a lesbian vampire trying to find a normal life in New York and failing miserably.

Gam coverage would be much appreciated!

My personal women-created webcomics favorites: blood and the art of baking (, reman mythology (, Asali ( and Wasted Minds ( !

and one more! the sex-com Orion ( )

and No Rest for The wicked!

Well, I'm female but the main character of my comic is a guy.

Comics that I remember as very nice and made by women are, and

Waisted Minds-
Minimum Security

Digger by Ursula Vernon


RE: Boys club, now co-ed

Err... there's mine as well: The Tao of Geek


Mischa's Toydivision, I think this is the sickest thing done by a woman!

Everyone Drunk But Me by Laura Beth Brandt is pretty new but pretty great.

Thanks for recommending “Everyone Drunk But Me”. I had never heard of that strip before (or Big Cheese Press). But it looks like awesome stuff.

Dunno if it's too late to make suggestions but here's some more webcomics by women:

I'm a girl and I also have a webcomic so uh...

- Black Kitty