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The Friday Rookie Roundup

All in one place, links to some new webcomics:

The Agency is a manga-esque comic about secret agents.

Gemini Bright, is the story of Matt, a bored teen taken on a family outing to Las Vegas. Upon encountering some magic kitsch, he is transported into an alternate universe populated with half-man/dragons and other weird creatures.

Counting the Cracks is a journal comic about the life of a student in Austraila.

Silly Cone V isn't actually new but it is toiling towards the completion of its third year under the crippling burden of a complete lack of artistic skill. When reached for comment, the author Scrubbo said "What? Somebody reads that crap? GET OFF OF MY LAWN! YOU DAMN KIDS!"

Re: The Friday Rookie Roundup

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I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Re: The Friday Rookie Roundup

*taunts Scrubbo* Can't even plug your own comic properly! You have to use it as an excuse to plug someone else's!!

Re: The Friday Rookie Roundup

Sweet christ! Three years and that loser hasn't made it out of the rookie pen? Time to send him back down to the minors! (Read : Geocities)

Re: The Friday Rookie Roundup

Well, I figured the readers needed a REAL comic to go look at. I *heart* You Damn Kid!