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Give us links to Webcomics in Print!


We're putting together an article for June on what webcomics are in print.

If you know of any webcomics that have gone to print, post them here.

1. Name of Comic & URL
2. Creators (authors and artists)
3. Links to the books
4. Titles if you know them
5. Publisher if you know it

Kelly J. Cooper
Comixpedia Features Editor

RE: tangible

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Wow! Excellent response, thank you all!

To answer the one question: No, I don't have any active list. When the article comes due, I'm probably going to dig through the piles of printed Webcomicky goodness I have around the house and add whatever hasn't shown up here yet. That includes Sluggy, Bruno, Pewfell, Kevin & Kell, Sinfest, Wandering Ones, User Friendly, Ozy and Millie, Scary Go Round, Chopping Block, Exploitation Now and a small mountain of others (including lots of Gene Yang and Kazu Kibuishi).

So if someone has lists of Keen* printed comics or Plan9 comics that started as webcomics or whatever, I'd be happy to have them.

Kelly J. Cooper
Comixpedia Features Editor

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Creators should DEFINITELY plug themselves! Fans can plug creators too, if they have the data. We just want the info!

Plugfest 2005!

Kelly J. Cooper
Comixpedia Features Editor

RE: Give us links to Webcomics in Print!

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I don't consider it bad etiquette as long as you fit what is being requested. :)

Name: The Asylumantics


Creator: Chris M. Cantrell

Link To Book:

Book Title: The Asylumantics: Mental Giants

Haunted Pixel Studios

Clint Hollingsworth's picture

The Wandering Ones: Ghost Wind
Complilation of the first 365 strips of the web comic.

1. Name of Comic & URL : Wandering Ones

2. Creator: Clint Hollingsworth

3. Links to the books:

4. Wandering Ones: Ghost Wind

5. Keenspot

Clint Hollingsworth

The Wandering Ones Webcomic

Brad Guigar's picture

Greystone Inn

Brad Guigar

Three books:
"Dilutions of Grandeur"
"Come on Now, That Was Funny"
"The Show Must Go On (and on...)"

Published by Plan Nine Publishing

Also appears Monday-through-Saturday in the Philadelphia Daily News and a few other newspapers.

1. Name of Comic & URL

Carpe Diem (

2. Creators (authors and artists)

Graveyard Greg (writer) and Redkam (artist) with additional art by various others

3. Links to the books

5. Publisher if you know it

FurNation Multimedia (

RE: Comics inb Print

To save repetition, are there any groups you've already got listed? I could rattle off a good list from Keenspot, or from the comics with Plan Nine anthologies, but I suspect you'll have most of those already.

RE: tangible

A recent one worth mentioning:

Name: The Mousekaroos
Creator: Sarah Davis
Book title: The Mousekaroos - Book #1: First Impressions
Link to book:

RE: tangible

Well, mine is going to press more or less as we speak, and slated for a July release, so I'm not sure if it counts yet, but...

1. Digger
2. Ursula Vernon
3. No link yet!
4. Digger -- Vol. 1
5. Sofawolf Press

1. Krakow 2.0 (
2. Krazy Krow (me)
4. Krakow 2.0 Volume 1, Krakow 2.0 Volume 2
5. Iron Muse Media (self-published)

RE: tangible

kittykatya's picture

1. Name of Comic & URL
Fragile Gravity:

2. Creators (authors and artists)
Chris Impink (artist) and Barb Fischer (writer)

3. Links to the books

4. Titles if you know them
Summertime Brews (2004)
The Winter of Our Discontent (July 2005)

5. Publisher if you know it
Unseen Productions, LLC

RE: tangible

kittykatya's picture

1. Name of Comic & URL

2. Creators (authors and artists)
Kara Dennison (main author/artist); featured co-writers: Ben Cooper, Rob Lantz, Barb Fischer

3. Links to the books (coming soon) (coming soon)

4. Titles if you know them
Vol 1 - Cosplay is War
Vol 2 - Con Drama (August 2005)
Vol 3 - American Otaku Graffiti (December 2005)

5. Publisher if you know it
Starved Art

Oh, this should be interesting.



"G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures"


Darryl Hughes - Writer/creator

Monique MacNaughton - Artist

Webcomic URL:

Book (trade paperback):

"G.A.A.K: Volume One"


Lulu Press

GAAK at Lulu Press:

GAAK at Barnes and Noble:

G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures It's like The Goonies meets The Invaders from Mars. Updates on Mondays.

Steve Troop's picture

1. Name of Comic & URL

2. Creators (authors and artists)
Steve Troop

3. Links to the books
The Ultimate Melonpool
Melonpool II: The Voyage Home
Melonpool III: A New Hope
Melonpool IV: Castaway
Melonpool V: This Island Earth

4. Titles if you know them

The Ultimate Melonpool

Melonpool II: The Voyage Home (Foreword by Kirk Thatcher -- the punk rocker in "Star Trek IV")

Melonpool III: A New Hope

Melonpool IV: Castaway (Foreword by Russell Johnson -- the Professor from "Gilligan's Island")

Melonpool V: This Island Earth

5. Publisher if you know it
Para-Troop Publishing

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Are you interested only in book collections or are those merely the default assumption? Arthur, King of Time and Space is one of several webcomics reprinted in the conventioneers' fanzine The Nth Degree. Among the others are Partially Clips, Bob the Angry Flower and Perry Bible Fellowship.

Heck, I'm not above plugging myself:

1.) Name: The Order of the Stick
2.) Creator: Rich Burlew
3.) Link to Book:
4.) Title: Dungeon Crawlin' Fools
5.) Publisher: Giant in the Playground Games (self-published)

RE: Re: Give us links to Webcomics in Print!

Black_Kitty's picture

1. Dead Days

2. John Rios



5. No idea.

As a side note, Dead Days is awesome. Highly recommend the comic.

goRaina's picture

1. Name of Comic & URL


2. Creators (authors and artists)

--Raina Telgemeier (that's me)

3. Links to the books


(there's no link set up to reach the minis, so i just ask people to email me with requests. the books are a dollar each.)

4. Titles if you know them


5. Publisher if you know it

--Take-Out Comics

Comics inb Print

hi Kelly, as you know I have a few Pewfell volumes in print:

1. Name of Comic & URL
Pewfell. Http://

2. Creators (authors and artists)
Chuck Whelon (Artist & Writer), Adam Prosser (Co-writer)

3. Links to the books

4. Titles if you know them
Pewfell Volume 3: Viva Las Vagus -- The Battle of the Berserkers
Pewfell Volume 2: Tentacles of Crwm
Pewfell Volume 1: Spirekassle Stories

5. Publisher if you know it
Wingnut Games/Porfingles Press


1. Comic & URL

2. Creator
Thomas K Dye

3. Links to the books

4. Titles
Tonight's Top Story
Press Badge Blues
We All Came Out To Mantra
Regime Change
Surgery In The Park

5. Publisher
Plan Nine Publishing


1. Comic & URL
Bruno The Bandit

2. Creators
Ian McDonald (Artist and writer)
Lynn Blackson (Colorist from June 2005)

3. Link to the books

4. Book titles
Bruno The Bandit
Most Wanted
Bruno: Mad As Hell (not apparently in stock at present)

5. Publisher
Plan Nine Publishing

Tim  Demeter's picture

Name: Reckless Life


Creator: Tim Demeter

Link to book:

Book Title: Reckless Life: Dinner and a Robbery

Publisher: Misfit-Media

Later in '05, my next book, Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas will be availalable for order in any comic shop in the US and Canada, and by the summer, all three of my volumes (Mad at the World, Dinner and a Robbery, Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas) will be available online via Next spring, my next arc 'Third Wheel' will be released online and in comic shops as a three issue mini-series.

Tim Demeter
does a bunch of neato stuff.
Bustout Odds

RE: tangible

Black_Kitty's picture

Not sure what comics are in it but KC Green who does Cat! as well as other comics has a book out through ComixPress.

1. Not sure but the URL is
2. KC Green
4. The World is Yours...But Why Won't You Share?
5. ComixPress

There's also Ronson who does The Gods of Arr-Kelaan.

1. The Gods of Arr-Kelaan.
2. Chuck Rowles, Steve Rowles and Martha Pezzino.
4. The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Going Home (Book One)
5. DrunkDuck Comics

There's also the Drunkduck anthology. I don't know if you'll count those but a good number of webcomics have been published through them. The third anthology is currently underway and we're hoping to release the lineup for that book soon. The previous two anthologies were called Drunk In Public: The DrunkDuck Collection (Volume I) and Drunk and Disorderly: The DrunkDuck Collection (Volume II).

[Edit: There's also the Alpha Shade book.

1. Alpha Shade
2. Joe and Chris Brudlos
4. Alpha Shade Chapter One
5. I don't know. :S ]

Black_Kitty's picture

Well, the list of contributors for the third DrunkDuck anthology was announced just now so technically all the people on it are going to be in print (if they haven't been already.) Don't know if that's what you're looking for though but you can find the list here. There's 16 of them in total so I don't know if you want me to list them all in that numbered format you wanted. ^^;;;

RE: Give us links to Webcomics in Print!

Heh, I'll bite. I know it's bad etiquette to nominate yourself, but I gotta throw it out there. My apologies for the intrusion.


Paradigm Shift

Dirk I. Tiede

Website URLs:

Book URL:

Paradigm Shift - Part One: Equilbrium

Publisher: (in conjunction with ModernTales)


Thanks for your interest!


Paradigm Shift tangible

Here are a few, all published by Make Like A Tree Comics:
Found at:
And bought at:

Comic: The Replacements
By: Jerzy Drozd and Sara Turner
Title: The Replacements - Part One (of 3)

Comic: Silver and the Periodic Forces
By: Jerzy Drozd & Sara Turner
Title: Silver and the Periodic Forces - Episode One (of an ongoing series)

Comic: File 49
By: Sara Turner
Title: File 49 - Chapter One ( of 8 )

RE: tangible

nudists ahoy!

Name of Comic & URL: Loxie & Zoot
Creators: Stephen Crowley
Links to the books:
Titles if you know them: The Koala Bares (128 color pages)
Publisher if you know it: Toons Au Naturel (self-published)

1. Name of Comic & URL
Super Real
2. Creators (authors and artists)
Jason Martin (that's me)
3. Links to the books
website sales:
4. Titles if you know them
Super Real preview books
5. Publisher if you know it
Super Real Graphics

Distribution is currently being worked out for the completed first issue

RE: tangible

Name of Comic & URL: Fallen Angels Used Books (
Creator: John Fortman
Links to the books:
Titles: Fallen Angels Used Books - Punk Angel (issue 1)
Publisher: self published

1. Name: Innies and Outties
2. Creator: Leonard M. Cachola
3. Link 1:
Link 2:
4. Title 1: It's All Mine and You Can't Have It!
Title 2: Phooey! Evil Gets All the Fun!
5. Publisher 1: PageFree Publishing, Inc.
Publisher 2: Booksurge

RE: tangible

Might as well mention mine. I'm writer/artist/layout on everything (editors for me = proofreaders. What the old stick-builders and lead-sheet punchers used to do, and which computers haven't learned how to do yet. We still need meat-eyes for that). - More Comics - then Stinz. - More Comics -- then Enemies and Friends.

Available at: (My company, a Fine Line Press, offset printed by Consolidated Press.)

And I just noticed I didn't mention it was originally at Moderntales. Which I will rectify asap.

"Pithed" is presently running daily -- it's Desert Peach #31 ( -- More Comics -- Desert Peach).

It will be published in 64 color pages in color as a POD from the Amazon-affiliated company -- along with a full Desert Peach prose novel (about 300 more pages).

Comics distribution through Diamond, FM International, Cold Cut. Mainstream distribution will be through Baker and Taylor, Barnes and Noble (both of whom are totally getting their electronic FMC!) Borders,, and direct sales (for readers, retailers and distributors) through

And as usual, like I do for every book, I'll submit for the Pulitzers. Well, hell, someday I might get lucky...

RE: tangible

Oh, and I almost forgot...

Another one, that was up at - more comics -- Enemies and Friends (got that last one backwards -- a LITTLE dyslexic sometimes..) --

Final book, again offset press at Seattle's Consolidated Press:


1. Name of Comic & URL

2. Creators (authors and artists)
Dave Kellett

3. Links to the books
(or, for purchase)

RE: tangible


Name of Comic & URL: YIRMUMAH
Creators: Coffman & McDeavitt
Links to the books:
Titles if you know them: ENTER YIRMUMAH #1 , YIRMUMAH STRIPS #1, YIRMUMAH-MINI #1
Publisher if you know it: Efh-U Comics

RE: tangible

FANS in print as FAANS,, Sis Fingers Press, by me and Jason Waltrip.
PENNY AND AGGIE in print this summer,, Alias Publishing, by me and Gisele Lagace.

Alias is here: Six Fingers is no more.

Name of Comic: Oddly Normal

Creator/Writer/Artist: Otis Frampton

Publisher: Viper Comics

Oddly Normal is currently being published as a 4-issue mini-series from Viper Comics. Issue 1 and 2 are in stores now and issue 3 comes out this week (6/15). Oddly Normal was originally part of the Girlamatic line-up.


Re: Give us links to Webcomics in Print!

1. Goats:

2. Jonathan Rosenberg

3. Major books are at:
The minicomics are at:

4. Major books are:
Tasty Yet Morally Ambiguous - Goats Volume I & II
Evil Chickens Dont Kiss - Goats Volume III
Behold the Power of Ignorance - Goats Volume IV

The minicomics are:
Contains One Space Battle
A Tale of Two Comics

5. Point E Publishing:
It's primarily self-publishing, but also doing the new book from the Creatures in my Head

Terribly Brave Security Forces
Creator: Debra Colvin
Link to the hardcopy:
(on the main page)
or :

Note: there is no online preview of the webcomics in the hardcopy book--my server crashed and a lot of the files had to be recreated for print. I've been too lazy to re-establish what was lost, so I simply began a new chapter of the, um, "book" online.

Gravedigger: The Scavengers
URL: (no longer online)
Christopher Mills & Rick Burchett