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Horror Comics

Hey besides Bad Blood, Chopping Block and Midnight Macabre, what are some good comics for a site for fans of horror movies to link to?

RE: Horror Comics

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Try this topic for stories

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I was just going to say Flatwood. :)

There's also Elsie Hooper. And if you're into zombie humor, Zombies Calling.




Block 6.

Well, Aleph of Malakhim considers herself a horror writer, and there are some elements of her comic that could be considered horror, so try Malakhim. :D Which is currently being advertised on Comixpedia in fact....

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I've got a whore comic.

Flatwood, another good fantasy-with-horror-bits.
Sluggy Freelance: Several definite horror storylines.
The Call of Whatever A fine Lovecraft send-up that ended way too soon.

Scary Go Round is good comic horror, and has one pretty neat zombie storyline.

This is serious thread necromancy, but it seems a shame this got missed out
Nightmare World: A great series of online horror comic books, good art telling some funny and/or spiky little tales.
Also a short "serious" zombie comic (thanks, Full Story site):
The Last Parley


MisterSpook wrote:
Are there any "serious" zombie comics out there? There's quite the revival of them in the print world.
There's World War II Wild West Zombie Tales, but that's more "zombie whimsy". The new Webcomics Nation site has a small Horror section in the genre listings: Mutie is worth a look. Irrational Fears could count as horror, or horror-fantasy or fantasy-horror: it's good, whatever you call it.

Some dead people

Zombie Love by Jodie Trung. A new, promising-looking tale of magic and zombies in the modern world.
Ballad by Dead Mouse. Macabre fantasy set in a Victorian-style world, centred around a mysteriously reanimated dead servant-boy and his equally young sorcerous mistress. Some of the best, wierdest line-art around - think Mervyn Peake reborn as Edward Gorey, or vice versa.
And one I share the blame for:
Manifestations by Thomas K Dye (writing, Part One art) and Tim Tylor (Part Two art onwards). (Keenspot Premium subscription) Darker spinoff from TKD's Newshounds, following the consequences when a spirit trapped in cyberspace becomes linked to an embittered porn-star.

RE: Horror Comics

Orneryboy by Michael Lalonde

Edit: Damn UBB code. :-)

Are there any "serious" zombie comics out there?

There's quite the revival of them in the print world.

Bored and Evil. You've got a guy in a hockey mask, a creature from a lagoon and a werewolf as some of the main characters.

Queenie Chan

Queenie Chan has some good horror stories among her comics, in particular A Short Ghost Story, Block 6 and Ten Years Ago Today.

Some I forgot

Bite Me! by Dylan Meconis: A brilliant vampire-comedy set in the French Revolution. (Completed graphic novel). Also her new series Family Man following up one of the BM characters.

Gunerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell: A fantasy school-story with mystery and a decent spicing of horror.

And more to come. :)

A train and a scythe-murderer

Estancia A science-fiction thriller following a trainload of would-be immigrants made to run a gauntlet of nightmare trials.

If Grim-Reaper stories count as horror, then Nina Ruzicka's screwball comedy-drama Death and the Maiden is one of the best around.

A Murder Of Crows

My comic A Murder Of Crows started out like Chopping Block, with a one panel format. But I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to copy it. So, I'm tossing out a few storylines with 4 panels. Anyway, thanks for lookin.

Single Vampire

Single Vampire by Panch & Elena Diaz. A little just-completed story.

Zero Hunters

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Zero Hunters

by Jay Carvajal and Marc Borstel
In the police lingo of Los Angeles 2033,a;Zero; is a non-human entity; vampires and other nightmarish creatures. When a Zero gets hostile, William
Garrick and his special crimes unit; the Zero Hunters; are called

I have vampires and violence

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I have vampires and violence in my comic, but I think it's a romance. Others say horror. Same thing really.

Greg Carter
UpDown Studio

Greg Carter - Abandon: First Vampire - Online Graphic Novel

The Doll by Mikael

The Doll by Mikael Oskarsson, a neatly warped little horror-comic parody.
Also his Lovecraft-Herriman crossover in "Flick".
The Twisting by Patric Lewandowski.
A Gathering Of Crows by Edward Dunphy and friends.

Anyone want to update the Horror Comics List

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I'd add Kristy versus the Zombie Army


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