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This changes everything.

According to the stats for August, almost 75% of the readers of my webcomic are using Mozilla. 23% are using IE and the remaining 2% are an assortment of other 3rd party browsers. Not long ago it was roughly a 50-50 Mozilla/IE split. I guess this means Mozilla is going to be the browser I design future incarnations of the site around (not that it wasn't already since it's the browser I use). Anyone else notice a swing in the browser of choice on their sites?

RE: Fetus-X browser breakdown

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/points at Eric and laughs "Ha! Ha!"

Your readers use IE. Neener neener neeeeeener!
They're not web savy. Neener neener neeeeeener!

I say we ban him from the Reindeer Games. Who's with me?

RE: This changes everything.

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I'm noticing the same trend, Ghastly. 60% of my visitors use Mozilla. The IE number is down to 20% of the pie chart. Quite amazing when compared to just a few months ago when it was 55 IE/ 35 Mozilla.

(Love your 'toon btw) :)


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75% Firefox is about what I have, too.

I'm not too surprised, webcomic readers tend to be younger and more tech savvy than the general populace.

I've had a few Safari users complain that my page doesn't line up right, but they're a minority. Screw 'em :)

RE: Fetus-X browser breakdown


No Reindeer Games for you Eric!

Fetus-X browser breakdown for the month so far:

76.06% MSIE 6.0
18.36% Mozilla/5.0
1.84% MSIE 5.5
0.55% MSIE 5.23
0.53% MSIE 5.0
0.38% MSIE 5.01
0.31% MSIE 5.16

My Mozilla percentage looks like it has gone up about 5% in the last few months ...

- Eric

RE: Fetus-X browser breakdown

Yay! Gecko browser taking over the web! (mainly Firefox). Open source rock!

Sinister Bedfellows rock!

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72% FireFox
13% IE 6
12% Safari
2% Opera
1% Netscape 7

17% OS X
6% Linux
77% Evil

and 4% non-English

"There is a cryptic ingredient in many of our modern improvements - We are awed and pleased without knowing quite what we are enjoying" - E. B. White 1939

"There is a cryptic ingredient in many of our modern improvements - We are awed and pleased without knowing quite what we are enjoying" - E. B. White 1939


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I've currently got about 60% firefox/ 25% IE/ 15% other. Though the results may be someone skewed, as my biggest fans *cough*myparents*cough* still use IE...


Does this mean we will see

Does this mean we will see some sort of webcomic extensions for firefox soon?

Yay for Firefox

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MSIE 56.6 %
Firefox 32.4 %
Safari 3.3 %
Mozilla 2.8 %
Unknown 1.9 %
Opera 1.4 %
Netscape 0.7 %
Camino 0.1 %
Konqueror 0.1 %
Other 0.2 %

At the rate Firefox is increasing at my site it will overtake MSIE in a few months. I already design it for Firefox and make a few tweaks for IE, not the other way around.

What about operating systems?
Windows 89.6 %
Macintosh 5.1 %
Linux 2.6 %
Unknown 2.5 %

Linux? Woo hoo!

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It's difficult to say

Apparently Webalizer doesn't report on what version of what browser visits my site... rather, it seems to report on what each browser reports itself as, which is something completely different. For many browsers this is configurable, and it's possible to have a browser report itself as more than one type. Which gives me the following statistics:

57.09% Netscape
56.41% Mozilla/5.0
26.34% Micro$oft Internet Exploder
25.49% MSIE 6.0
7.23% Konqueror/3.5
2.18% Opera/8.5
0.91% Konqueror/3.4
0.51% Opera/7.5
0.46% MSIE 7.0
0.43% Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;)
0.38% Dosage 1.5.6 (
0.25% Yahoo! Slurp
0.23% Opera/9.0
0.23% Mediapartners-Google/2.1
0.20% Mozilla/3.01 (compatible;)

So out of "178.34%" of all browsers visiting my site, "%114.13" of them describe themselves as running some kind of Netscape or Mozilla variant...

(What's more amusing to me is that "%26.34" took the time to describe themselves as "Micro$oft Internet Exploder" ... )

My numbers

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I'm seeing numbers around 45-50 percent Firefox, 30-40 percent IE. Not quite enough to start building the site out of transparent PNGs, but very encouraging.

My readers are pretty

My readers are pretty consistently 60% IE/25% Firefox. They shame me. Where do you get less dumbassed readers anyhow?

Now If Only We Could Burn IE6 At The Stake...

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Seriously - website design would actually be a pleasant experience if Microsoft would just release a standards-compliant browser.

Maybe if Firefox keeps kicking a$$ Msoft will try harder next version. 



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