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Random Chick Tract Generator

Creating your own hilarious Chick tract, or rewriting the dialogue for an existing one, rarely ever works as well as you think it might. It's difficult to come up with effective subjects that haven't been worn smooth by uncreative teenaged Discordians. And, if you're going to roll your own, which of the art styles do you use? (There's at least three main ones.) Which lettering phase seems just right?

Why not fall back on the Random Chick Tract Generator to get a feel for the formula? Some results are better than others, as with any Random $EXISTING_COMIC Generator, but a few rounds will quickly give you a feel for things.

Besides, for heaven's sake, it's a Random Chick Tract Generator!

If we could cross this with

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If we could cross this with the Her! Girl vs. Pig random generator I think Jesus would kill kittens on the internet.

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See that up there, next to

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See that up there, next to the link that says "Wednesday's blog"? That part where it says "12 reads"?

LJ needs that, for those attention whores among us.

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