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I got a blog!

There are people who are wondering why I didn't update It's About Girls on Monday... Well, I tell yah why:

My internet is gone, I dont know why and the man will visit my home tomorrow, and I'm typing this from a smoke-filled PC room.

I shoulda taken some pics of this place and posted them to show you MY HELL!

Wheeee! Blogging!

There have been at least two

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There have been at least two cases that I know of where game addicts have died from playing MMORPGS here at a PC room. The "PC Bang" is different from PC cafes in that they're open 24/7, filled with cigarette smoke, and have snack food including ramen to eat.

So, the moral is: Games kill people.

Is Korea Where Someone Killed Themselves Logged On For Weeks?

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Wasn't there a story about someone in an Internet cafe over there who literally PC'd themselves to starvation or something? 

Like a real-life version of Somewhere in Time...



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Does your hell have

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Does your hell have tentacles?

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