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New Webcomics Examiner essay discusses site design and micropayments

Introverted and Extroverted Webcomics is my new essay for The Webcomics Examiner.

It's a rare foray for the magazine into issues of site design and payment systems, as it discusses the implications of introverted and extroverted tendencies in the webcomics medium. Adamant critics of micropayments should be forewarned that this essay might force you to rethink your position!:)

Xaviar-- I think that print

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Xaviar-- I think that print comics, and for that matter any other artform, have introverted and extroverted aspects to consider. Case in point, I would say that "Hard Days Night" is an extroverted song and "Strawberry Fields" is an introverted song.

Micropayments Felt Tacked On To Me

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I thought this was a really interesting thought piece (easily provoking me thinking X comic is introverted, where would Y comic be on this axis?) but the micropayment part felt tacked on to me.

It is clear that it's more difficult to "sell" (I using the word loosely to cover any conceivable business strategy) certain types of stories then others on the web (no different than newspaper comics or comic books though, right?) but I don't see how you take the leap then to link micropayments to the fate of stories that don't currently do as well commercially.

Maybe there is no answer?  And maybe there is an answer but it's not micropayments.  Seems like it's unknowable upfront.

Another angle on your article that I wondered if you'd explore here or in your comments section is whether you think your thesis applies to comics in print or not.  My hunch is you could make that leap but I'm curious as to what you think. 


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Excellent, Joe! I love

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Excellent, Joe! I love articles that make me think more about my own webcomic. Interesting AND useful. Micropayments need a little more time and technology and they'll find their place. It just seems inevitable.

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