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"Get Nifty: the Sluggy Freelance Card Game" Now in Stores

Over at Sluggy Freelance, Pete Abrams has just announced the long-anticipated general release of Get Nifty, a standalone card game themed around Sluggy and designed by Rob Balder of PartiallyClips.

Originally conceptualized in late 2002, Get Nifty has been through multiple changes and stages of development. At one point in 2004, Steve Jackson Games announced that they would be carrying the game, but that deal was later dissolved by mutual consent. In 2005, Pete and Rob signed a development deal with Blood & Cardstock Games, and Sluggites who pre-ordered the game found it arriving just in time for Christmas.

Now, the full shipment of the game is complete and delivered, and has reached store shelves and conventions in the U.S. By agreement, the Sluggy Store currently is the only place to order the game online and will remain so for some time to come.

The game itself contains 110 cards, plus tokens and markers, all featuring brilliant full-color art and funny dialogue from Pete Abrams. Players try to beat alternating attacks of Boredom and Danger, change the Plot to something only the Sluggyverse could offer, collect odd Objects such as the Inflatable Time Machine and the Elder Demon Spear, all in a bid to be the first to achieve the ultimate state of Sluggyesque Nirvana and "Get Nifty." Retail price is $25.