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Real Comments of the Design...

As promised: my real comments on the new Comixpedia design.

I like it. All the busy stuff from the previous design have been moved to the corner. The cover feels really prominent. The "web 2.0"-like elements aren't overused, and the colors, well, work.

The only two comments I have:

1 - Perhaps a little space between the ad on the top and the header? It looks really weird now, with the space between the header and the as so small compared to all the other vertical separations.

2 - The front page newsposts get moved up when people comment on them. That confuses the crap out of me---I thought there weren't any new news for the last few days!

I'm confused about your second point?

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not sure what you mean - some of the posts on the front page have been sticky (stuck to the top) but otherwise the most recent news post are the top of the page (that has nothing to do with whether there have been recent comments to them).


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Okay, that's weird, because

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Okay, that's weird, because I kept seeing the powered by Drupal (or however you spell it) post on the top, and I checked the order of the main page news with the recent news page and they matched perfectly. But now it's all good again...