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Best Underrated Web Comics

There are so many webcomics out there that I don't see discussed anywhere. I'm mining for gold here. I'm going to start a list of underrated webcomics and you guys are going to add to it.

1) Perry Bible Fellowship

2) Copper

3) Bob the Angry Flower

Howz 'bout...

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The Splendid Everlasting et al by Adam Burke

or Nathan Castle's Nude Rollerdisco Of Comics (not as kinky as it may seem)

and The Angel Inteceptor was pretty good while it lasted.

The Yellow Light comics and stuff.



Burke's old strip The

Burke's old strip The Grimbles is fine stuff too.

almost forgot...

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i also really, really like COZ/EFFECT

year of the rat


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year of the rat

One that finished a few

One that finished a few years back, but the archives are well worth reading:
Albion Fuzz / The Bohemials


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Steven Stwalley

Webmaster, The International Cartoonist Conspiracy 

that's a good one, too

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oh, hellz yeah!

year of the rat

Playground Ghosts

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Any of the comics on Playground Ghosts are worth reading. I've been bumming around in their forum for a while now.
A school that teaches magic? Why does that sound familiar...

- College is more fun when magic is involved. Bardsworth

I always thought Super

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I always thought Super Slackers needed more recognition. I really dig that strip.


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i really like that strip! thanks for pointing it out!

year of the rat

No problem, Keep up the

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No problem, Keep up the great work Cat.


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A comic I recently discovered that I've been enjoying is Misfile by Chris Hazelton. I don't know how well known it is.
Vote Vito: Line Item Vito

Vote Vito: Line Item Vito

It is pretty well known.

It is pretty well known. Because the author partially run on donation which is like $1000 of dollars per month.

Plus Misfile is in like the top ten on BuzzComix toplist. I think that demonstrate popluarity.

Triangle and

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Triangle and Robert?

Read Seventh Draft!

Circle Weave

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Circle Weave!

I love Circle Weave!

But now it is over :(


Starting Point is a comic

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Starting Point is a comic that I never heard anything about anywhere... But I think it's simply hilarious!... a new comic came out for it today though that announced it's retirement...
it's kind of weird because just a couple days ago I put MY comic on a hiatus to redo everything... weird O_O

anyway... it's quite funny ^_^


Halley'c Comic

Starting Point is Awesome

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I know the creator back form my Madison days, and SP actually used to run on my site before BigCheesePress launched. It is a shame Evan is ending it. Dig through the archives for the Teddy Ruxpin strips, they're hilarious.

Tim Demeter
Reckless Life

Tim Demeter
does a bunch of neato stuff.
Bustout Odds

Sporecloud! Captain August! Herzog the Vile!

I guess those that Muerte Bird posted may not be underrated, but they sure feel isolated. As in, there isn't a big incestuous circlejerk webcomic community around them.

Herzog the Vile! Granted, it's been around for no time at all and so there hasn't been much time for it to get rated, let alone underrated.

Then we have Captain August which at first oogle looks like an average Invader Zim ripoff, but actually has quite a lot to offer.

And I am also fond of Sporecloud, even though his Wacom-in-Flash style is kinda grating.

Herzog the Vile

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Herzog the Vile is fantastic.

I have a new comic

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But instead I'll plug Intershadows.

Greg Carter
UpDown Studio

Greg Carter - Abandon: First Vampire - Online Graphic Novel

i nominate...

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how about lowdown joe brown??

year of the rat

Oh! Me! Me!

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I dont get nearly enough praise like I deserve for rocking faces on a regular basis.

It's true! Fabricari -

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It's true!

Fabricari - Sexy, Violent Cyberpunk

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

We must spread the gospel!

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We must spread the gospel!

I nominate...

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I nominate Fabricari. Yeah, I just did that. So? Whatcha gonna do? Call me a narcissist? Tell me I have an ego? That I'm self-absorbed? All true.

I also want to read more about:
The Bean Men
Commissioned Comic

Fabricari - Sexy, Violent Cyberpunk

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

I feel loved. XD (Damn,

I feel loved. XD

(Damn, can't do that ASCII heart thing on this forum...)

I agree with X.

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I agree with Xaviar, those are all (relatively) well-known, and, moreover, get talked about frequently.

Good topic idea, though. I nominate Firman Productions.

Byrobot Dot Net

Good Topic But...

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Great idea for a topic but I don't think these 3 are underrated.  They get  a lot of ink and have healthy fan-base/readerships.



Xaviar Xerexes 

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