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Jeff Rowland interviewed for The Webcomics Examiner

"I make my living based completely on my wits and my creativity; I can't imagine a more rewarding life that that." So says Jeff Rowlands, the webcomics superstar behind Wigu and Overcompensating. In an interview conducted by Mike Meginnis, Rowlands discusses his lifestyle, his comics, and his talent for designing trendy tshirts. Now on view at The Webcomics Examiner.

Nice interview -

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Rowland is a pretty funny guy (although quieter than I expected whe I first met him at SPXPo).

Whether or not you like his stuff (for the record I do) one of the things that's impressive about Rowland is that he's now created 3, that's 3!, different popular series of comics.  He's a talented dude. 


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