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Tuesday News Blues

TCJ has an interesting article up examining R. Crumb's copyright suit against for an image Amazon used on its 404 page (File Not Found).  The image, although not the Crumb original, is somewhat like Crumb's "Keep On Truckin'" man image.  Besides outlining that case, the article delves into some of the changes to copyright law in our lifetime.

More newsy stuff after the jump:

In other copyright news, BoingBOING blogs about the comic book Bound by Law, a comic from the Duke Center for the Public Domain that brilliantly explains "how copyright -- which is supposed to promote creativity -- can get in the way of creation".

In talking-about-webcomics news, Eric Burns posts his manifesto for good webcomics criticism which does have some good common sense stuff in it, but also has advice that would seemingly only be necessary to give to delusional and somewhat narcissistic folks.  Let me give you my version of what I think Eric is trying to say (and is also based on my own experience from writing about webcomics for almost a half-decade): 

The world at large only gives a tiny bit of fame and even less fortune to webcomics.  And guess what?  99% of that is showered on actual working creators of webcomics (as it should be).  That last 1%?  Not worth being a bad human being to acquire (and so far I've seen no evidence of that strategy working for anyone either).


And in comic book news, a nice article about Howard Chaykin's return to comics.  Chaykin's The Shadow is still one of my favorite all-time comic books.

Also a comic book direct market distributor called FM International went out of business.  Ninth Art  examines the fallout.  TCJ also has a piece online about the story.

Adios, FM International

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Well, this is sad news, about FM International. They were the first to order any of my books back in '98. They showed a lot of love for small-press.

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Is it Just Impossible

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to make it in the direct market anymore?  Does Diamond have such a monopoly that they squeeze everyone else out or is it that the other competitors are inept?



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I have a lot more optimism

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I have a lot more optimism for getting a graphic novel into book stores. I picked up the Penny-Arcade graphic novel and one of the MegaTokyo books at Barns & Nobels, so I find that to be promising. I really think this is the beginning of a trend, not the high point.

I've given up entirely on distributing self-published pamphlet books thru Diamond. The most I ever sold through them was 600 books. And I poured a rediculous amount of money into advertising. Self-publishing put me in the hole in the late 90's.

I very much prefer the webcomic to print on demand graphic novel model at this point. Either I'm sticking with places like LuLu, or I'd hold out for a publisher from now on.

Fabricari - Sexy Robots and Violent Cyberpunk Comics

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison