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Me, myself and Comixpedia

The move by Comixpedia to Drupal has changed the way newsposting is done. Instead of creating posts as one did in the old CMS, you post to your own blog on the Comixpedia site and then promote that post to the front page. Having a blog has brought back some memories from the old 24hourpixel blog, which was the Comixpedia staff blog in 2004 and also where I joined the staff as a writer. I mostly did linkblogging for the staffblog as well, but I did feel that there was a certain amount of freedom as to what I could put in a post in the staffblog as opposed to the news section of the 2005 site. When the staffblog was discontinued in favor of consolidating all news on one page in 2005 I became a news editor, which meant that I could post items to the news section as well as approve submitted items. While Xerxes has always been cool with adding some opinion to posts, I felt that as a news editor I should try to keep the POV as neutral as possible. There were times that I failed at this, such as the time NY Times had an article on infinite canvases and webcomics that I felt was misleading and I couldn't help but add a sour note at the end.

One reason that I didn't feel like adding to much of my own opinion was probably also because I had another outlet for that, "Through the Looking Back Glass", the column I wrote for Comixpedia during 2005. The TLBG column is one of things I am most pleased with when it comes to my own writing. Not because the points in it necessarily was so great or correct. Sometimes it didn't take long before my point in a column was proven completely wrong, such as when I wrote about how the WCCA:s were pretty pointless and only a two or three months later it was featured on G4techTV, which led to a substantial amount of mainstream coverage for webcomics. No the reason I am proud of TLBG is because of the principle from which they were written. Looking back at one month of news and write from that. In my opinion, blogging in general is done from the point of "this just happened, now we'll discuss, argue and misinterpret it for the next 48 hours". I find that the blogging that ages the worst is the kind that is purely reactive and speculative, the kind that immediately responds to something without looking for further information or verifying what has already been said before throwing out an opinion. To some extent this is probably a result of the attention span of the internet. The TLBG:s perspective of one month back is aching to ancient history in internet terms.

I have been contemplating writing again about webcomics and this blog seems to be a reasonably well suited outlet for that. While the editors that edited the TLBG column made me look much smarter and more well spoken than I am, the direct line of a blog has its own advantages. I don't plan to write much about the business side of webcomics, I did that more than enough last year, and I certainly don't intent to write about the people writing about people writing about webcomics. Instead I intent to focus on my own experiences creating comics as well as art and writing by webcomics and in general.
Lets see if I can manage to stick to that.

Looking forward to it

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Sounds very interesting Erik!  I'm also enjoying the updating of Vir Bonus again...

(Also, despite Erik's modesty, he was 99% responsible for what went into the TLBG columns last year and has always added a lot in terms of posting to Comixpedia).


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