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Car vs. Motorcycle gets a new home

Car vs. Motorcycle by Chris VanGompel has moved from it's original domain. Along with the move comes a new name. It's now known as The Hockey Zombie and can be found at

Same comic, new home, same...lemony-fresh taste?

Re: Car vs. Motorcycle gets a new home

The former name of the site was better. I can't say I don't find the new one intriguing but I guess I just need a while to get used to it and change my bookmark in the mean time.

Rude Fun

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 I just crashed through the archives of Hockey Zombie and you know it's pretty funny.  The art works well - it's consistent and a lot of the facial expressions are great.  It's also a totally bizarre storyline and I'm impressed that so far at least, the creator is following through with it and not copping out on spinning out the storyline.

A bit bloody at times for a comedy strip but I guess it's hard to avoid when you've got a zombie on the loose. 


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Rude fun for all ages

Yeah it's hard to avoid blood when you've got a zombie in your strip, not to mention hockey...and booze. It's a dangerous combination, really.