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First and Last: An Irregularly Recurring Look At Webcomic Progress

One of the things that is interesting about webcomics is the very public nature of an artist's development. Case in point: Jeph Jacques and Questionable Content. Compare the very first one with a very recent comic.


Watching an aritst's growth

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Watching an aritst's growth was one of the things that got me hooked on webcomics in the first place. I'm afraid at time's my own style is getting sloppier, but only time will tell.

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But is it wrong to not want

But is it wrong to not want to show any kind of progression? One of the main reasons why I create my comic using Flash symbols is because I want the style to remain consistent throughout.

Nothing Wrong With Consistency

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Nothing wrong with consistency at all.  I didn't put this post up to say that if you don't change you're bad - to the contrary many artists either (1) won't publish on the web til they've got something they know they'll like forever, or (2) practice LOTs offline before putting something on the web for all to see;

 Others don't or maybe others do the above steps but still decide to change/evolve the artwork - and the nature of the web is that everyone gets to see it.  Looking at QC it seems to me it's a simple case of Jeph improving art-wise over it's existence (with a turbo boost to the art happening when he decided to make QC a full-time job)



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I didn't take your post as

I didn't take your post as an affront to my methods, I was just curious how important artistic growth is to the comic audience, because this is an issue I've been contemplating a lot lately.

Because my work has more in common with graphic design than fine art, consistency is very important to me. Yet I often wonder what kind of longevity my approach has in a medium where one's drawing ability is given so much importance.

Showing obvious improvement

Showing obvious improvement just means the artist is/was incapable of doing what you're already doing.

Besides, the drastic changes over time was just called interesting. And it is, kinda. But it's better to start out awesome.

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I was just curious what the

I was just curious what the popular opinion was within the comic audience, because as a relative newcomer to this medium, it seems as though drawing ability is often given an inordinate amount of importance. But with art being as wildly subjective as it is, I think it's probably impossible to gauge. What some perceive to be growth and improvement, others may view as a decline.

That's the neat thing about

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That's the neat thing about webcomics - you can see the artist's progression over time. QC has come a long way!

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Krishna M. Sadasivam Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"