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How to Lose Your Webcomic Readership in 10 Days

Webcartoonists the world over are always looking for new ways to gain more of a following. After all, the number of people who know about webcomics is much smaller than those who do not. The number of people who become aware of webcomics will slowly rise over the years, but essentially the audience we are catering to is pretty small in the grand scheme of the web. With so much emphasis placed on gaining new readership, I thought I'd take a different approach on the subject: how to lose your readership.
It can be done, and here are 7 best ways to do so:
1. Ignore your fans. If someone happens to write you an email about your webcomic, don't answer - ever. This goes for fan mail, constructive criticism, or even people who write in wanting to learn more about creating webcomics.
2. Rarely update your webcomic. The trick is to keep your update schedule as inconsistent as possible so as to keep readers guessing. Do this for a few weeks and watch those numbers plummet.
3. Whore your website on all comic related forums before understanding and respecting the other forum members. People LOVE spammers.
4. Talk crap about another webcomic / artist , without being able to back it up. Controversy sells, baby. Especially if your comic doesn't stack up to the one you're talking smack about.
5. Ripoff other people's characters / themes and incorporate them as your own. Hey, if people like the big guys, people will like clones, right?
6. Make it really difficult for readers to navigate your site - better yet - make the comic hidden. Readers LOVE a good challenge.
7. Put your webcomic on hiatus and leave no explanation. Not only do people like to play hide and seek, they LOVE to guess.
There are many more ways to lose one's readership. Feel free to share yours here.

I realize the sarcasm, but~

The William G's picture

1- There's a balance to be made. Presenting it as an either/or isnt helpful. If everyone is telling you that you suck, or that your new site design rocks, then maybe you should listen. If they're telling you to put a lame-assed rapping robot in your comic, ignore them.

2- Funny thing, when I ignored my old site for months on end, my hits remained steady. Why? I dont know.

4- HAHAHA! You just dont understand what a bunch of drama whores webcomic fans/ artists are. The secret is to do this while patting your readers on the head at the same time. Go watch the king drama llamas at work closely. You'll see this is true.

5- Yet, it seems to work.


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