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Speaking Of Webcomics and Music

You know the webcomic Fabricari?

Well, you should now, because they just got a short write-up in Wired Blogs about Video Fabricari and the soundtracks used in the production.

 Nice - that's two

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 Nice - that's two high-profile links for Fab's vlog.


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speaking of speaking of

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i tried looking for that forum post you did a while back when preparing for this month's issue, but couldn't find it. don't know if anyone else mentioned COZ/EFFECT, but it's another webcomic about a fictional band...

thought i'd bring it up. i really like this comic.

year of the rat

I like COZ/EFFECT a lot,

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I like COZ/EFFECT a lot, although, uhm, a little of the l33t speaking gets on my nerves now and then. But then, it's a very enjoyable comic, no doubt.