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Please Submit Conventions, Online Events and Local Meetups To Our Calendar!

I've got a new calendar system working here at  Please submit conventions, online events and local meetups to it.  It's very straightforward - when logged in, click on create content (upper right-hand side, under your username) and then choose EVENT. 

Fill in all of the relevent detail in the box (especially the website URL if available) and then add in the start and end date/times for the event.

The right-hand Upcoming Events box shows the events coming up.  Supposedly there is also a link to add this to your iCalendar but sans Mac I can't test that function.  Someone let me know if it works or not!

Calendar is not useful without visibility

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Before the redesign, I had been entering events into the calendar faithfully. But it doesn't show on the main page, doesn't have its own tab, and there's not even a link to it. So who is going to see the events? Unless that feature is out front so people know about it, it's fairly useless - either for announcing upcoming events or for planning to attend cool things in the future.

Block on Right

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Maybe it's not enough but there is a block on the right that lists the first 3 upcoming events and a "more" link to the full calendar.  That's the same as the last site had actually.

I could add a tab at the top (although I'm running out of that real estate...) too.

Was there something else you meant? 



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You know, I looked right at it and it did not register in my mind as a calendar. The thing that looks like a calendar isn't one. SOMETHING needs to be done to visually differentiate it from the numbing amount of other info in green boxes on the right. But that's not my area of expertise. I'm just saying as a user, I couldn't even find it when actively looking.