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Where's my !@#!! talkaboutcomics forum?

Joey Manley writes:

For quite some time, we've offered free forum hosting for webcomics over on I had a link to my email address at the top of the site, and people would email me. And sometimes I'd make the forums. And sometimes I'd forget.

I know I owe a lot of you people forums, but my Modern Tales duties always came first -- and my email inbox fills up quickly. Things get buried.

Anyway, Indigo Kelleigh of Circle Weave has volunteered to take over forum administration, and has instituted a new policy. To get a forum, you should post to this thread:

... and follow the directions that Indy posted at the top of the thread. Hopefully, this will help us to manage new forum requests in a more efficient manner. And if you've requested a forum in the past, even in the distant past, and never received it -- please forgive me, and please post a new request in the thread linked above.