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Repetitive Inverse Comic Acquisition Syndrome

In other words, how many of you tend to read new comics, and comics your catching up on, from the current page and then clicking previous all the way until you get back to a mark that you remember? I'm too lazy to find where I left off last.


UPDATE FROM THE COMMENTS: Here's a link to a script webcomic creators can add to their sites that allow readers to "tag" where they are in the archives.

the trick is in

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getting all the webcomic creators to actually use it. Just like Oh No Robot, the tool is only as good as those who adopt the technology.

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Thanks for the link!

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I usually bookmark my last

I usually bookmark my last page in the browser. If I lose my place or lose the site entirely, I search the browser's "history" to find the last page I visited. I rather wish more comics had the "tag this comic" feature that's on the Wigu site, but I don't know much about it or even who provides it.

Tag Script Is Available

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Or at least used to be on the Little Gamers site - one of those guys wrote it last year.



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Re: Tag Script Is Available

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[quote=xerexes]Or at least used to be on the Little Gamers site - one of those guys wrote it last year. ____Xaviar Xerexes I am a Modern Major Generality.[/quote]

Madsen did the button graphics.

Ash did the script:

I'm surprised it's not used more.

It's very convenient, and it's unobtrusive on the page.