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Short Batman Film

You've probably already seen this but it's a short Batman "film" which has a cool Joker in it (although it just gets silly at the end).

Re: Short Batman Film

John Troutman's picture

I liked the 14 year old's wet dream! I'm a big fan of those Batman vs. Predator books.

Re: Short Batman Film

the LOOK of this film is just fantastic! But the dialogue is painful, and the second half, after the Joker is removed by the Alien, and the Predators show up, was pointless. it's clearly a portfolio piece, as is stated at the end of the credits (the final 1/5th of the film, by the way), and I'm amazed that it's garnering as much attention as it is.

Re: Short Batman Film

I saw this thing, and I agree. Starts out cooler than any Batman film ever, then slowly sprawls into some 14-year-old's wet dream. Weird.