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Help Desk Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Today Help Desk, the webcomic that dares to peel back the shiny veneer of the computer industry to reveal its dirty, unwashed belly, celebrates its 10th Anniversary. On March 31, 1996 the comic first appeared in the pages of OS/2 e-Zine!, the now-defunct OS/2 webzine, and from then on out it has waged an unending and cheerfully futile war against an industry that has grown more arrogant, corrupt, and bloated with each passing year.

Over the years it has parodied Microsoft's incomprehensible release schedule, the Microsoft antitrust trial, the Y2K bug, unreasonably restrictive software licenses, online privacy and user tracking, identity theft, ridiculous software patents, software patent lawsuits, copyright infringement lawsuits, and the insidious communist plot to destabilize the free market with the PNG graphics format. It has taken broadsides at Microsoft, IBM, Apple, SCO, Iomega, Sun, Oracle, Diebold, the Federal Government, the RIAA, the MPAA, and even -- on occasion -- Richard Stallman.

The cartoonist would like to take this moment to thank the computer industry for its tireless efforts to keep him inundated with new material.