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9 Years of Goats

Jon Rosenberg's Goats is 10 9 years this weekend.  I've been reading Goats for about forever and at a long ago point Rosenberg was as crappy an artist as I am.  He has, however, stuck with it since then.  Practice makes perfect a lot of progress actually. 

And of course he's always been funny.  So he's got that going for him...

Here's a snapshot of Goats: the first is from April 30, 1997 and the second is from mid-2005:


Jon, Randy, and my panels

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Jon, Randy, and my panels this weekend past at I-Con were the stuff convention legends are made of. The three of us should form an improv comedy troupe and tour the finer dinner theatres across North America.

You brought 'er steak, you pepp 'er steak!


Isn't it 9 years old? It begins its tenth year this weekend.


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 I just misread Jon's post at his website this morning.


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