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Happy April Fools Day!

What's going on?

One more

Ctrl+Alt+Del engaged in a subtle bit of drag, switching its characters' default outfits.

The Chex and Shortpacked

The Chex and Shortpacked pages are back to normal but most of the others should be perennials.

Oh, and I almost missed

Oh, and I almost missed THIS! Maritza Campos' CRFH storyline takes a fanfic-inspired turn.

Read the title bar: "Jumping Sharkies From Hell." Indeed!


Shortpacked pitched a double-header today, creating a new "David Dinosaur Comic" for the archives and replacing the main page with one of those old "this site has been shut down" notices. Makes me all nostalgic. But David's old, so that's understandable. :-)

Checkerboard Nightmare gives us a blast from the past.

And Websnark has a special guest columnist.

Drowned Rat's brand new Myspace profile!

Edd Egg has been replaced by a Myspace profile page for up-and-coming band, Drowned Rat.

Meanwhile, Bollox Comics has turned into a page from

Line Item Vito is having a

LineItemVito's picture

Line Item Vito is having a bit of trouble with the government on this day...
Vote Vito: Line Item Vito

Vote Vito: Line Item Vito

Too funny :)

Aleph's picture

Got the seal and everything ^^;

Aye, those officious creeps

Aye, those officious creeps have been mucking up some of my favoritist comic forums, too.


Just noticed the Keenspot newsbox. The naughty one (on the right of all the link pics). I guess that's an AF... And in other news, Poisoned Minds is being epilepsy-unfriendly today.
Oh, and No Rest for the Wicked took an odd turn today, too.

 April Fools for sure.Â

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

 April Fools for sure.  That art is worse than Look What I Brought Home had...


Xaviar Xerexes 

I am a Modern Major Generality.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Quite forgot - GPF has had a

Quite forgot - GPF has had a little makeover.

Starslip Crisis never fails

Starslip Crisis never fails to impress me. That the links work too... impressive.



Katie Sekelsky's picture

Starslip Crisis redefined the term "mirror site."

Meanwhile, Tao of Geek is in Elvin for the day.


God I'm embarassed to admit this

Aleph's picture

That looks like Klingon to me.


Katie Sekelsky's picture

Gah, yeah. You're right. Damn my confusion of the languages of fictional languages :(



I'm actually curious as to how you confused forehead ridges with elf ears O_o


Katie Sekelsky's picture

I had your link from the IRC channel last night, and just put it up there, without thinking about what I was typing :S (either way, I'm totally losing geek points on this one)


April what now?

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Sorry, too busy with the launch of my new site to pay much attention.

Stares in wonder

That's... so beautiful...


Aleph's picture

My instant fame has of course made me quite gracious about this, so, I will humbly allow you to kiss my ring ;) *hehehehe*

Seriously speaking tho-- all the blurbs are really from the people they say they're from ;) We had fun playing the WHOOOORES :)

Dilbert at Todd and Penguin for April Fool's Day

David Wright's picture

Todd and Penguin did an April Fool's comic for Saturday featuring everybody's favorite disgruntled office workers from Dilbert.