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ConBust 2006

So I just came back from ConBust at Smith College. It was pretty fun. Webcomics were well represented with Jeph Jacques, R Stevens, the guy who does Minimalistic Stick Figure Theater (I forgot his name and it wasn't on his web site) as well as Jennie Breeden---I think there were as many webcomics guests as other guests at the con. It was a small con, but it was fun.

Didn't get to meet all of the webcomics people, but I did sit in on two panels---on strong female characters and women in the SF/F/comic industry---where Jennie Breeden was one of the panelists. She (along with Lynn Flewelling and Patricia Briggs, two pretty awesome authors) were pretty awesome at the panels. Then we all went out and got delicious dinner.

The funny thing about conversation with an autobiographical webcomic author: when she tells you a story, you're just, like, "I read about that last week".

Coincidentally... my new comic just reached 20 strips, well 28 counting fillers... And #21 tomorrow!