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Dungeons & Denizens Moves To Keenspot

DUNGEONS & DENIZENS, the fantasy comic by Graveyard Greg and John Yakimow, is the newest Keenspot webcomic. DENIZENS was previously hosted by, where it consistently ranked among the site's Top 5 most popular features.

"[It's] a fantasy comic, with the typical fantasy stuff like magic, monsters, and heroes," said DENIZENS writer Graveyard Greg. "Except the monsters are the protagonists, and the heroes are the antagonists. Well, except for those gnolls, but they have annoying laughs so it's all right for no one to like them."

"We at Keenspot have been fans and supporters of Graveyard Greg's work for a long time, having hosted his other creation GAMING GUARDIANS for many years now," said Chris Crosby, Co-CEO of Keenspot. "We're very happy that he and John Yakimow have chosen to bring DUNGEONS & DENIZENS to Keenspot."

DUNGEONS & DENIZENS debuted online August 23, 2005. A print collection is currently in the works.