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List of Superhero Webcomics

Let's compile a list of superhero comics on the web - post names with links and if possible a short blurb about 'em.  Thanks!

(A good starting point would be Online Comics superhero category)

Tales of the Zero-Men

Not too late to throw in a new one I hope!

Once renowned super-heroes are brought out of retirement to form a team funded by a mysterious industrialist. Tales of the Zero-Men is a modern super-team story based on the Mutants & Masterminds Superlink.

Re: List of Superhero Webcomics

NIGHT OWL is published monthly by Wham Bang Comics on


The character is a 12-year-old shaman superhero charged with protecting the balance of the universe. Night Owl is also the chief character in the ongoing comic book Two-Fisted Adventures, which is sold on

The comic book mixes humor with adventure and drama. The webcomic version focuses mostly on superhero humor.

The Vanguard

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I work on the Vanguard ( my superhero comic I like to think of as a cross between Justice League and Star Trek. It's up to page 28 of the 1st chapter, with only a few more pages to go until the close.

The MacNut


The Vanguard Banner

The MacNut
The Vanguard

Deathfist Ninja GKaiser

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Well, there is my webcomic.....

The comic is about the misadventures of a teenage boy who is accidentally given powers he really should never have had. It's an action, comedy story that parodies superheroes and anime, kind of like The Guyver meets South Park (we parody teletubbies, Ronald McDonald, Sigfried and Roy, the new stuff has parodies of Mr-T, Wolverine and Osama bin Ladin in it...)


We've got a modest archive of 131 pages and been running for 1 year and 4 months.

We update weekly on Fridays, usually about 4pm-5pm PST.


Deathfist Ninja GKaiser Anime Parody Webcomic

Henshin heroes, magical girls, giant robots bishonen vampires, and evil teletubbies-- Deathfist Ninja GKaiser will parody it all!




Deathfist Ninja GKaiser Anime Parody Webcomic

Johnny Saturn (at

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Johnny Saturn (at, of course! Swiftly approaching it's 70th episode, and as full of post-modern weirdness as ever.

Better late than never

Well, I guess I was living under a rock because I just discovered Comixpedia two days ago. A friend of mine and myself are working on a superhero comic of sorts, so I guess I should mention it here. It's called Cheap Velvet, and you can see it here:

It might not be strictly considered a superhero comic because, well, our protagonists don't really do too much superheroing. But then, who can really say that gothic superheroes who tend to slack is something surprising?

Guess I will chime

Guess I will chime in......with
Captain Spectre
Actually I consider it more action/adventure, but it classifies as a superhero genre comic.


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Creator's real name: Jason Sigler
Webcomic: The Amazing Superzeroes!
Setting: The world of superheroes is no more. Having been eradicated from existence, only a few remain. In their place, the Superzeroes rise to the occasion!
Mission: To save the world, one person at a time, with the lamest powers this side of Paste Pot Pete.
Question: Can they do it? Tune in to find out!

"Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong." - Dennis Miller

Check out my webcomic, Amazing Superzeroes, at! They're heroes! With a Z!


"Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong." - Dennis Miller

Check out my webcomic, Amazing Superzeroes, at! They're heroes! With a Z!

A couple by Tailsteak:

A couple by Tailsteak:
What It Feels Like To Be Superman A short comic putting it into our terms.
The Blue Android A technologically-enabled hero fighting a lonely war against the powers-that-be.

Some more

Superheroes in Bars Like it says.
Pastel Defender Heliotrope A science-fiction story centred around a superhero-doll given life by an alien artefact.
Man-Man The speed of a... MAN. The strength of a... MAN. The eyes, the ears, the intellect of a... You get my drift.
Make Like A Tree Comics Several good superhero-ish comics here, largely centred round otherwise ordinary people blessed or cursed with uncertain superpowers.
There's No Home For You Here A sorry tale of petty jealousy and vengeance.
Smithson A mysterious caped crimefighter in an otherwise (near) normal university campus.
Nemesis Somebody is murdering superheroes. A "normal" cop is persuaded to investigate.
Zot! Online Scott McCloud's 80's superhero series revived for the web in infinite-canvas form.

Re: List of Superhero Webcomics

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I do a webcomic called Local Heroes. It's sort of a humorous spin-off of my "Heroes Incorporated" comic that came out in 1995. Also, Local Heroes is coming up on its one year anniversary (May 2).

Name: Local Heroes
Blurb: Local Heroes is an online comic about the misadventures of Squire and the super-powered heroes of UNIONS Local Chapter 37.

Local Heroes at

Follow the periodic misadventures of the super-powered heroes of UNIONS Local 37.

Local Heroes ( Super-powered all-ages fun | Playtime Projects ( A dysfunctional children's show (strong language)

oh, and that other webcomic i did...

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hey hey

i also want to add my first superhero comic, which was my first real webcomic, Hype. It's at . What is there is my student work from college from the early part of the milennium. (Makes it sound older that way.) There are 8 "webisodes" up. It went on hiatus when i joined graphicsmash and i haven't gotten back to it since.
the whole idea of hype was to tell the story in a "season" like on tv (which is quite common now, less so in 2000ish). so, season 1 would be episodes 1-24, and the first eight were the first act. the first season is about the superhero origin. The question i have is at what point is the origin story concluded? Is it when the super hero gets their powers? Is it when they put on the costume? Is it when they fight the super villain? In Hype, the first 3 episodes were like an overture in this respect. We went very by the rules of superheroes... costumes, cliche' banter, discovery of secret identity and origin.

Hopefully i'll get back to it some day....


Indefensible Positions --

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Indefensible Positions -- more philosophy than action, but with a definite superhero slant.
Dr. McNinja -- I think this qualifies. He has superhuman strength and was trained by Batman, maybe. Maybe he's just insane. But he does punch out velociraptors.
The Girl from B.O.L.T. -- A good old pulp, four-color hero, except with profanities.

'Superheroes' always struck me as a hazy category. Take Athena Voltaire and Bang Barstal -- are they superhero or adventure comics? What about all those Megaman sprite comics? How about manga superheros like Powerpuff Doujinshi?

Note that is *not* a good reference, as you have to have a link on your site back to them in order to get listed in any way. A better reference might be Comixpedia's own Wiki, which has a Superhero category, you know.




The Guardians-- alternate

The Guardians-- alternate version of the Gaming Guardians in a traditional superhero universe.
Superosity (kinda)-- Chris has a costume and gets into wild adventures but is too stupid to threaten evil except by accident.
Zebra Girl-- a young woman turned monster tries to rise above her new demonic nature, with a handful of mostly supernatural friends old and new backing her up.
Mindmistress-- mentally retarded in her secret ID, mentalist supreme out of it.


I'm assuming that - in the interests of completeness - there's no reason why we shouldn't add our own super hero comics to this list, so here's mine:

Shades - a tale of UK super heroes trying to rediscover a sense of purpose in late 20th Century Britain, a country still unsure of its own role in the world.
Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids


Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

uh, actually, just to

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uh, actually, just to clarify, Aces High is about a superhero who has the superpower of being cool. kinda like the fonz, only more so.



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Aces High--Graphic Smash tale of superhero return.
Supermegatopia---furrie superhero madness.
Special School---like Xavier's, but not so private.
Killroy and Tina.(kinda.)---Darkseid meets Buffy.
Superslackers---makes the Inferior Five look like the JLA.
Point Guardian---old-fashioned superhero goodness.
Cy-Boar--boar, not bore. If Wolverine had a pet who was also changed by a mysterious government agency....
Magellan---a superhero grouping, where you cheer for the nonpowered one.
A.N.T....."magical girl" manga meets alien armor.
The Green Avenger--the Peter Parker of super-heroines.
Gaming Guardians....a superteam placed in a gaming reality.
Evil Inc....the lighter side of the Dark Side.
Honorable mention: the departed Japanese Beetle.
And some comic called Mind...Mind...Mindmadam? Mindmam'selle?
It'll come to me....---Al

 Al Schroeder III of MINDMISTRESS---think the superhero genre is mined out? Think there are no new superhero ideas? Think again.