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Short News Update

Well I had my first hiccup on the new server - you wouldn't have noticed unless you were up from 1 AM to 2 AM though.  In any event, learning server stuff under pressure = grey hair!

Also, before I forget - the magazine tab in the navigation link at the top of the site now takes you to an issues archive page which right now has links to the December 2005 through April 2006 issues.  Because I just moved to the site the December through February issues, the "recent magazine articles" box is displaying older articles right now.

In webcomics related news, I found this press release from PhD - I wonder how effective this kind of old school press release is in today's world.  Maybe as part of a larger campaign to get a mention in old school corporate media that still insist on certain formalities (I'm thinking of newspapers and broadcasts)?

Just checking to

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make sure a "comment" glitch is fixed.



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