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Your Mom Reads On the Rocks

Okay, maybe she doesn't... but she might.

Family Education, a network targeted at helping parents aid their children's learning, has a new feature at their main site called Mom's Coffee Break which includes a comics section. On the Rocks will be syndicated there along with For Better Or For Worse and Cathy.

On the Rocks is also currently syndicated at, a children's edutainment site. Hopefully large content sites picking up comics as added features (taking on the newspaper's roll) can become a growing trend across the Internet.

Congratulations Tyler!

Seth Fronzoli's picture

Congratulations Tyler! That's great news Man.

-Seth A. Fronzoli

This is awesome news, Tyler.

bobweiner's picture

This is awesome news, Tyler. Congrats! I'd love to be able to syndicate the PCW with Funbrain, but I'm thinking my toon may be a bit too geeky for some.


Krishna M. Sadasivam
Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

Krishna M. Sadasivam Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

Yeah, it's primary market is

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Yeah, it's primary market is ages 8-12.

You should consider putting together a marketing pack and sending it to all the tech sites. You have enough comics for them to pick and choose ones that might even be fitting for current articles they have.

Perhaps the webcomics community can work together to build some marketing media, to sell companies on the idea of featuring comics as added content on their sites. Maybe get referalls or quotes from sites already doing it as to how it has helped their sites or been a great feature for their viewers.

All Ages Comics Syndication...

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I'm pretty sure Funbrain is interested in picking up another webcomic or two.

If you do a webcomic or know of one that is all ages appropriate and has humor or a story that can be enjoyed by kids then mention it to me and I'll put in a good word.

It's kind of a rare find in the webcomic world.

Feel free to take a look at

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Feel free to take a look at Alice Otter and, if you think it's appropriate, well, mention them I'm available. :>

It's got, you know, talking animals like the ones we used to have before the 70s, the humor is kind of clean and apart of the odd surreal situation I pull out when I've got no other resources, it's simple, linear and 'family friendly' -thus it's been considered as 'bland' by some people-.

Who knows, perhaps they find it interesting, too.