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Webcomic Awards at Stripdagen Haarlem

A new international webcomic award will be handed out at the comic strip festival "Stripdagen Haarlem" in the Netherlands. The awards itself (the "Clickies") are not new, but it was never before awarded to an international webcomic.

The International Clickie will be awarded to a webcomic with an exceptional trackrecord, especially in the last twelve months. At the same time, there will be Clickies for best Dutch/Flemish webcomic and webcartoon. These two awards already premiered in 2005.

The jury of the Clickies 2006 consists of:

* Jeroen Mirck, jury president (comic journalist)
* Joost Pollmann (president of Stripdagen Haarlem)
* Dik Rondeltap (web editor "NRC Handelsblad", editor "Stripschrift")
* Michael Minneboo (movie journalist)
* Esther Gasseling (comic publisher Xtra)
* Stephan Fellinger (consultant interactieve marketing, founder Blogo Media)