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Best International Webcomic?

The Clickburg Webcomic Awards will be handed out in June, at the festival Stripdagen Haarlem. This time, it will be a more international award show than before. So not only awards for Dutch and Flemish webcomics, but also the so-called International Clickie, for the best webcomic worldwide.

The jury is working hard on this, but any more suggestions are welcome. What is your favorite webcomic worldwide?


It's just from my native

Halley's picture

It's just from my native country of birth

But I'd say my fav is Rob and Elliot right now


Halley'c Comic

 DONT forget COUNT your

algeya's picture

DONT forgetÂ

COUNT your sheep( & CRFH ( are both from Mèxico


International Clickie: the nominees's picture

Update: the nominees for the International Clickies have been announced.


Well, that's pretty much

Well, that's pretty much asking "what is my favorite webcomic?" I don't usually stop to consider nationality.

My favorite webcomic based in the U.S. is Shortpacked ( with Narbonic ( and Questionable Content ( right behind it. My favorite webcomic not based in the U.S. is College Roomies from Hell (