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Monday News

John Allison drops that he's working on the fourth SGR book.  It's also guest week at Scary Go Round.

URL Fan is kind of a cool site.  You can ego-surf it, check out related sites, and compare competitors.

I don't know if Jeph Jacques is cool with this or not, but these are nifty little QC icons

And I hope I'm not interpreting this post out of context (I don't read Ironychan's LJ) but just all by itself it's a pretty funny (yet sadly true) comment on the webcomic experience.

Speaking of Live Journals, blogs, etc., the primary way I keep up with webcomic news (other than a few search engines) is through RSS feeds.  If you're writing about webcomics (even just hyping your own) and you have an RSS feed I'd be happy to add it to my morning list.  Post it here if you want and I'll check it out. 

Your morning list addition

Hi xerexes, my comic is called "A Murder Of Crows". I've been a member of Comicspedia for 5 weeks.


he he.. ironicaly, I've just stumble on a site name Its a comics books store.


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Thanks! I'll check it out.



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