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Dylan Meconis is back! Wish Bill Mudron was, too!

I'm posting this as a fan, not as a publisher.

Dylan Meconis is one of the most interesting webcartoonists working today. Her first longform serial, Bite Me, has won praise from such worthies as Neil Gaiman and Scott McCloud. Back in the day, everybody was following Dylan. As often happens with graphic-novel-style webcomics, though, once she finished the work, and took a break, people moved on. It's more difficult to carry a vast audience if you're not doing daily gag-a-days. (I'm not griping, whining, or complaining -- I'm just saying). It's the way of the world. Nothing you can do about it. But anyway. That's why fans of Dylan's, like me, owe it to themselves to spread the word when she starts something new:

Check it out!

Now if we can just convince Dylan's buddy Bill Mudron to do some more work on Pan. That was startlingly brilliant work ... even if Bill is a bit of a crankyface about me and mine from time to time in his LiveJournal. You gotta give him his props. If he finishes that thing, it'll be a major achievement in Comics. Not just in webcomics.

And, yes, the capital "C" was intentional. I am pretentious and I'm proud.