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Supernatural Law Nominated for Book Awards

Supernatural Law, which can be found online at WCN, is nominated for several book awards according to The Beat.Batton Lash's Tales of Supernatural Law, published by Exhibit A Press, is a finalist in the graphic novel category for two major book awards: Publishers Marketing Association's Benjamin Franklin Awards and ForeWord magazine's Book of the Year Awards (BOYA). In addition, the book has been nominated to be included in a major American Library Association recommended reading list.

Woo hoo!

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Woo hoo!

Batton Lash is one of my favorites. I'm very proud to have his work on WCN. In print or online, he has always been a standard-bearer for quality, professionalism, and an outreach to the real, everyday, Soccer-Mom world (as opposed to the geeky minority who already know they like comics, like you and me). He calls his audience the "New Mainstream," playing off of the way that superhero comics are considered "mainstream" in the comic book world, even though they appeal to a specific, sub-cultural audience of die-hard fans. That audience is perfectly terrific -- but it's not, really, a mainstream audience. There are so many more people to be reached! His ideas about the new mainstream have been inspirational to me in all my efforts to go beyond the typical comics audience. Let's hope this attention helps him to achieve that goal!

The quickest, easiest way to get to the Supernatural Law webcomic, by the way, is this:


Booya: Supernatural Law

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This is great. I also like how those Book of the Year Awards are almost the BOOYAs.


Fetus-X is the greatest comic in the world.