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The FlashBag is a USB flash drive that will inflate as it fills up with data. Similar to how I inflate when filled up with donuts. Now you may be asking why a gadget like this would be useful. Well, it really isn't, but it is definitely cool and an innovative USB flash drive design, which is pretty rare nowadays. The Flashbag is only a concept right now but the designer, Dima Komissarov, has a patent pending on this device.

I have no idea if it's really REAL or not. This screenshot looks rendered. I wish more high tech products were this clever and intuitive. It could just be a test rendering, or an April Fools joke. It sounds kinda funny. I just really liked how it was taking a high tech gauge, the space left on the drive, and and changed it to a very obvious and intuitive form. A thermometer like display of LED lights, or cellphone bars would let you know capacity also. Is that your Flash Drive or are you just happy to see me?

Some more on it at the guy's

Some more on it at the guy's website, including other designs.

Seen this a lot this week

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And I hadn't even thought it might be a joke.  But maybe it is!


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