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Saturday Update

I'm a late night type of person but I've decided it's time to switch to an early morning schedule.  I hope I have the will-power to stick to it.  I'm starting with getting used to a 7 AM schedule before switching to a 6 AM schedule. 


Here's a talk entitled "The Great Failure of Wikipedia" I thought some might be interested in given how the Wikipedia has treated webcomics (especially in the last year). There's an audio file and a full transcript.

My brother, Ubigod, works offshore in the Gulf of Mexico - he draws a comic about it called Sea Snafu.  He recently posted a little video of himself and others at work - a variation on a famous Kids in the Hall sketch.

Slow news day eh?  How about the first three hits from a google search of "superhero + webcomic"?

  1. Dasien by Neil Purcell.  An action series featuring Dasien the Blonde Bombshell and her best friend Parker Lynn Bailey.
  2. The Japanese Beetle! by Dave "The Knave" White.  The story of Ken Watanabe, a superhero who uses his great power not for the good of mankind, but to become a celebrity.
  3. Deathfist Ninja GKaiser by Techno.  GKaiser hilariously fights the Legion of Spooky Doom! For Great Justice!

(The fourth hit is for Comixpedia actually.)


Mr Neil's picture

I see that my overuse of the term "superhero webcomic" has been effective in flooding Google. Not only is my index page right on top, but so are various other pages of mine. I never realized how stifling that was to other comics. I'll try to do something about that in the near future. There are other superhero comics, better than mine even, that people should be reading. Japanese Beetle, Killroy and Tina, Mindmistress, Green Avenger, Skirting Danger, etc.